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One of the unique features of this drum is the chord in every corner. This intriguing feature allows the player to achieve a vast array of progressions and combinations of notes. We most commonly tune the Janka drum to a 1, 6, 5, 4 chord progression. This particular sequence has been used in thousands of songs by artists since the start of the recording age, and is still as popular today being the most commonly used progression in music. The Janka is the perfect companion for the experimental and traditional songwriter.
12 key

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Adaptations of Space, Materials, and Equipment What it looks like: Children with and without disabilities can gain access to the physical space, materials, and equipment. When needed, children are helped to gain access to and use materials in meaningful ways through adult scaffolding strategies. Preschool teacher Kelly saw Tara, a 4-year-old child with cerebral palsy, use her walker to walk from the block corner toward the art area during free playtime.

Adult Involvement in Peer Interactions The classroom has opportunities for children to participate in activities and routines with their peers. Adults plan and implement daily social play and learning activities. Adults facilitate problem solving between children. Adults provide scaffolding strategies for supporting positive, reciprocal, sustained peer interactions and relationships between children.

Peter is a 3-year-old boy who is nonverbal and has a developmental delay. During circle time, teacher Kelly invited another student, Andrew, to model for Peter the movements of a song he likes to perform with his peers. Watching Andrew use his hands to form the movements of the song was an effective way to help Peter imitate, learn, and perform the song movements independently.

Adults show enjoyment and availability when engaging with children during activities and play. Children have many opportunities to decide on activities, playmates, and play topics that they like during free-choice activity. Children are given many opportunities to make choices during activities and playtime. Kelly joined Martha, a 4-year-old girl who was recently diagnosed with autism, during free-choice time.

Kelly used a visual activity organizer in the role-play area to help Martha act out the steps involved in cooking a meal for her friends.

What it looks like: Adults have set clear rules and behavioral expectations that are consistently communicated to children to encourage positive social behavior and prevent conflicts. Adults try to focus on helping children find more positive ways for negotiating their differences. Individualized strategies are used to help children negotiate peer conflict and generate solutions.

Kelly observed two children on the playground fighting over a new toy. She invited the two children to consider more positive ways they could both enjoy the new toy. One of the two children involved in the conflict had a communication difficulty in expressive language, so Kelly invited the children to look at some visuals that depicted possible alternative solutions.

Adults work together to create a classroom community to which all children feel that they belong, regardless of their individual differences. Adults develop a sense of belonging by planning activities and creating opportunities to help children understand and accept individual differences.

Opportunities exist for children to assume equal roles and responsibilities in the classroom. Adults intervene to prevent bullying or persistent teasing between children in the classroom. When a child asked Kelly why another child was using a different type of spoon during snack time, Kelly responded that children can use different spoons as they grow and learn to eat different foods. She showed all the children the many sizes of spoons she had available for their use.

Kelly showed examples of how younger children might need bigger or softer spoons and demonstrated how some spoons might be easier for some children to hold. Relationships between Adults and Children What it looks like: Adults seek many opportunities during the day to engage in social interactions that are positive, reciprocal, and sustained.

They show enjoyment when interacting with the children. When 4-year-old Charlie seemed reluctant to play outside because of the thunder he had heard earlier in the morning, Kelly read a picture book with Charlie about thunderstorms.

When they finished reading the book, Kelly modeled for Charlie all the different things he could do if he felt uncomfortable while being outside on the playground.

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Human resource planning The first function of HR is all about knowing the future needs of the organization. What kind of people does the organization need, and how many? Knowing this will shape the recruitment, selection, performance management, learning and development, and all other HR functions. Human resources planning is similar to workforce planning.

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This new version of our popular AC range stores 12 scenes of DMX channels from the DMX input. You can recall them with a button. SEND ENQUIRY. Keybow is an easy-to-build, solderless, DIY mini mechanical keyboard. It’s Raspberry Pi-powered, with twelve illuminated keys, hot-swap clicky or linear. Computer dictionary definition of what key keyboard means, including related links, information, and terms.

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