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When copying a profile, the file selections of the ‘copy from’ profile are retained even though the folder path is changed and completely different. Sometimes erroneous error are displayed after a profile has run indication that it could not copy a file. However, the file it reports the error on is in a completely different folder! Examples below. There is no way to clear the status of a profile once if has been run.
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Sean Garrity Posted: March 1, Follow “The Hosting Blog” daily as hosting experts, programmers, and tech managers go in depth on a variety of tech-related topics. Email TL; DR: The software offers comprehensive data protection, allowing users to seamlessly back up, synchronize, and restore data files. Michael and his team have tailored their backup and recovery solutions to focus on flexibility, which is why so many organizations around the world employ it to safeguard mission-critical business intel.

Michael told us how SyncBack can be customized to prioritize backup processes — addressing the challenge of balancing data protection with system performance. Offering tools to be used individually or concurrently, Michael and the 2BrightSparks team aim to further disrupt the space with continued improvements to their data backup solutions in It was the early s and Michael Leaver had freshly graduated from Coventry University.

Winner of the British Computer Society Prize for his final year project, Michael was ripe for a promising career in development. However, surveying the landscape for employment opportunities in the UK, he found the job market to be very slim for new graduates. So he did what any other something would do in that situation — sell all his belongings and move to Hong Kong to start coding professionally.

He found his work was stacking up and quickly realized he was going to need to back up his files. At the time, however, Michael found no suitable solution. As it happened, the first person to contribute to the cause ended up co-founding 2BrightSparks with him.

Michael Leaver and his partners founded 2BrightSparks with the development of their SyncBack software. We agreed to work together and so started 2BrightSparks. When he heard how popular SyncBack had become, Richard convinced Michael and Mike to register 2BrightSparks as a real business, and, in , 2BrightSparks became a private limited company with the three of them as directors.

However, users are able to tailor the features to their needs and make the software work exactly the way they want it to. SyncBackSE provides home users the ability to easily back up or synchronize their data to local or external drives, over a network, and through FTP.

The professional grade version of the software, SyncBackPro , is being employed by mission critical organizations throughout the world, including law enforcement agencies, hospitals, and government departments. The pro version provides businesses and organizations a robust backup solution with numerous features such as integration with the SyncBack Management Service, cloud support, scripting support, and auto drive failure detection, among many others.

With SyncBackPro, multiple backup file copies can be saved in different locations to ensure complete protection. When a profile is run, SyncBack scans the files and compares them with their previous states. It can then decide what the best action should be. Versioning is also available, which allows users to retain old versions of files in the event they need to access an older copy of the content.

For others, performance is not an issue, for example, when the backup is run during the night when there is no competition for resources. SyncBack has many settings that can be tweaked so the backup or sync is run how you want it. Michael noted having a backup is the only real answer to being infected with malware.

However, 2BrightSparks has recently collaborated with Emsisoft to provide a free one-year subscription to their anti-malware software for SyncBackPro users. Some malware is specifically designed to do this. Even though certain cloud services keep old, uninfected versions of files, the restore process is usually complex and time-consuming.

SyncBack can be paired with multiple solutions, such as Touch and Emsisoft, for total data coverage. SyncBackPro is able to back up to and from most cloud services without requiring their client software.

And, with versioning, users can easily retrieve a copy of an uninfected file in the event of a malware breach. FTP support is included in every version of SyncBack, which provides another layer of protection for backup files. With the next iteration of the software, 2BrightSparks will further its effectiveness against threats. This stops you copying infected files to your backup storage.

The successful company he started with Mike and Richard has grown exponentially. We spend a lot of time analyzing everything we do and how we can improve it. No rewrites have been required. Ask Sean! Ask a question and Sean will respond to you. We strive to provide the best advice on the net and we are here to help you in any way we can. Was this helpful? Tell Us Thanks. Like this article on Facebook Tweet this article on Twitter Share this article email Email About the Author Sean Garrity Sean Garrity is a Managing Editor at HostingAdvice with more than 10 years of experience researching, writing, and editing for numerous industry-specific trade publications.

His goal is to keep organizations and entrepreneurs informed on the latest trends and technologies that can help them streamline operations and thrive online.


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SyncBack Freeware is free for home and business use. SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro include a number of extra features, e.g. SFTP, backup to CD/DVD, . Freeware developed by Mike de Sousa including SyncBackFree and InfoHesiveEP. I co-founded the software company 2BrightSparks along with Michael J. SyncBackFree has been around since This world class free sync software has undergone major upgrades since it started life as “SyncBack” freeware and.

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