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The messages, telephone logs, contacts and many, then your exploration might stop after viewing this post. Here, we are giving you the marvelous application, AndroRat. This application is a mixture of Android and Rat Remote access.
androrat binder

Hacking a Smartphone Remotely with AndroRat – Android Hacking

Download the Router Port Forwarder tool from the above link. Install it on you PC and open it. The software automatically detects your router model number and displays it. Now in the “Port forwarding” tab click “Add”. In the next window enter the name of the port as you like, leave the protocol as tcp, enter the port you would like to open Ex. And finally the internal ip address. In the details windows check the Ipv4 address, it should be something like Note the Ip address for further use.

This is your internal ip address. You should check your internal ip only when you are connected to the internet. Procedure to create a deploy package: Download any Android application like Temple run, Subway Surfers with which you would like to bind the hacking application. Open the extracted folder and then run the application AndroRat Binder. It should look like the below screenshot. Now in the Ip box enter your internal ip address which you have noted in the prerequisites. If you don’t know your ip address read prerequisites from step 7.

In the second box enter the port which you have opened in port forwarder tool only wireless router users, other can enter the port whatever they like. In the third box, browse and select the target application with which you would like to bind the hacking application.

Now hit ‘Go’ and wait for the AndroRat to build the deploy apk. Once the process completes you will find the result application in the same AndroRat folder. Now Install it one any Android device and open it. Note that the device should have an active internet connection Steps to control the Target Android Device: Once you have successfully installed the result apk that was generated by AndroRat, you can control the victim’s Android device through a well designed GUI. In the AndroRat folder, again open the AndroRat folder.

In that folder you will find a java application named “AndroRat”. When you open it for the first time, allow the firewall exception for the application. Now click server at the top and enter the port which you have opened before.

Save it and restart the application. Now the application starts listening to the new port. In this application you will find the list of connected devices. Double click the device you would like to access and you see a window with full built-in controls. Note that the target device is listed as long as he is connected to the internet and is using the deploy application created by AndroRat. Also See:

Video Guide:-

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VIDEO: Hacking Any Android Device Using AndroRAT App Binder ~ Lets Hack Something

Soon after the original AndroRAT was uploaded to GitHub, the malware authors took it a step further and created AndroRAT Binder; an APK. Androrat Download. The best android rat introduced every with a wide range of functionality. It includes Androrat APK and Androrat Binder. Androrat Download Binder. The best android remote-administration tool introduced with a wide range of.

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