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Sep 10, at 6: The ability to edit the word format makes it possible and allows for creation of good-looking professional documents. It gives you the ability to add images, videos, shapes, charts, tables and much more. Atlantis Word Processor, as it name suggests, is an application that comes packed with word processing tools. It is light-weight yet powerful enough, and can help users edit and create word documents easily and efficiently.
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Installation The installation process is straightforward enough, but you’ll want to keep an eye out the stage where you need to select which optional modules you want to include.

Immediately after that you’ll also get to choose whether or not you want Atlantis to be set as the default software to open various document formats. It supports the 32 bit versions of Windows , XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Interface Right from the get go it should be obvious that Atlantis’ interface shares a lot in common with other word processors and features rows of icons that contain the various control elements of the software.

Although it may appear cluttered, it is intuitive enough for anyone who has used a word processor in the past. One icon that may escape your notice initially is the yellow and green arrows in the top right corner. By clicking on that icon, you’ll switch the toolbar and reveal an completely different set of icons. Pros The bulk of the features offered by Atlantis are typical to most word processors.

That being said, the reason Atlantis has managed to make a name for itself is because it does have some features that are relatively unique. Chief among these features is the ‘overused words’ feature that automatically detects when certain words or phrases are being repeated too often.

Also present is a ‘power type’ feature that auto-completes commonly used words to speed up typing. One feature that is an asset but my not appeal to everyone are the default sounds that are triggered by key presses. Despite the fact that some may find them annoying, they are useful especially when they let you know that an automatic correction has been made, or that the caps lock may have been accidentally pressed. Last but not least, Atlantis’ native ability to save documents as PDF files definitely ‘one ups’ many of its rivals.

Cons Unfortunately Atlantis does have its fair share of disadvantages too. Some of the features that you’ll find conspicuously absent include macros, document collaboration, as well as support for text boxes, tables, and even word wrapping around images. Certain users may be able to survive without these features, but many will not. Alternatives It goes without saying that the ‘crown prince’ of the word processing world in terms of sheer popularity is still Microsoft Word, but there are other open source options that have been catching up recently such as LibreOffice Writer and OpenOffice Writer.

Long story short, Atlantis has some features that these word processors do not possess, and vice versa. Conclusion The fact that Atlantis is able to stand against such daunting competition should speak for itself. No doubt about it, this word processor is no slouch and its features are genuinely designed to make things more convenient; particularly for writers. However it is still lacking in several areas, which will dampen its appeal to general users.

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Review by George Norman on 10 Jul, Atlantis Word Processor is a very good alternative to Microsoft Word as well as any other word processor you may think of. It has all the functions you would expect from a word processor, it is quite easy to use, it is customizable, and it can even be put on a portable storage device and taken with you no matter where you need to go. Run said file once the download completes to install the word processor on top of a PC powered by anything from Windows onward, even Windows 8. Choose to install Atlantis Word Processor on a Flash drive, for example, and you can take the application with you.

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