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Description Z3ta 2 presets! Ladies and gentleman, we are proud to present our first Z3ta 2 presets pack and our first artist pack in one product. All of this firmed by his Producersdiary video blog. Every sound was made from the init sound with attention to all details and with thought of the newest music trends! Sounds that You can hear in tracks of Your favorite stars like:
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Cakewalk Z3TA Plus VSTi DXi V153AiR

Download Description Name: Intel OS Version: OS X Approximately 60MB Formats: Keygen More information: Waveshaping Synthesis: Oscillators Section: Full Stereo processing. Loadable Wavetable Sets: Programs using different wavetable sets can be mixed in a bank. Up to six individual waveforms can be loaded per program, and then transformed by using the shaper as the internal waveform set. It is possible to load different waveforms in each preset.

The wave files must be mono, up to 64k samples, in any samplerate. Independent Waveshaper for each oscillator with 14 wave transformations: Full Legato mode when operation is monophonic. Circular inter-oscillator modulation. MULTI mode for any oscillator, which turns any oscillator in 8 oscillators 4 stereo oscillators with adjustable detune.

Key sync and Free Running, Normal or Inverted, with or without keyboard tracking modes for any oscillator. Main Transpose, Main Tune controls. Oscillator random tune control with per-oscillator generator.

Adjustable Punch control drum machine-like DC burst. Normal, Up, Down and Hold notes. Normal and Fingered, Fixed and Variable time. Two mixing busses for oscillators outputs. Filters Section: LFO Section: EG Section: Eight 6-stage envelope generators, 1 bipolar, 6 unipolar, 1 main Amp EG, all with adjustable positive or negative amount.

Individual Attack, Slope, Decay and Release shape controls with 3 shapes linear, slow, fast. Modulation Matrix: Min and Max modulation adjustable. Effects Page Drive Section: Stereo Decimator lo-fi.

Tone, Drive and output Level controls. Modulation Section: Modulation speed sync’able to host Tempo. Compressor Section: Delay Section. Multi mode 3-band EQ inserted in the feedback loop, with 6 EQ modes. Tempo Sync capable. Reverb Section: Full stereo reverb.

Eq Section: Full stereo eq. Simulator Section. Stereo Cabinet-Amp simulator, with 19 different preset simulations. Main Effect Section: Stereo Main Limiter. Graphic User Interface: Graphics by bitplant. Inertial sliders, menu-driven multi lists, fast page selectors. Polyphony indicator. Master Volume and Limiter controls, output VU meter. Full mouse wheel support. Focus-capable controls, full PC-Keyboard support. X-Y Pad: Saves and Loads standard. All settings saved in the song.

Auto-load of Default file, utility to save Default File. MIDI Learn:

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Download Description Name: Intel OS Version: OS X Approximately 60MB Formats:

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A few years later, Cakewalk took on rgc:audio, and in gave us Z3TA+ In previous versions of Cakewalk Z3TA+, wiggling the waveshaping sliders showed potential for some cool . Torrent download, torrent download button. Download Cakewalk – Z3TA+ 2 v / Z3TA+2 is designed to suit any and all of your electronic productions. To download a torrent. Cakewalk Z3ta Plus 2 Standalone Vsti V2 0 X86 X Download 5x Faster- Download torrent- Direct Download- Rate this torrent + | -. Cakewalk.

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