Upgrading Your Mac’s Internal Hard Drive, Including Boot Camp

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Last Updated: Instructions are also included for moving your Windows Boot Camp partition over to the new drive. What you’ll need: A new drive, which must be the same size or larger than your old drive. The exact drive you pick depends on your machine laptop vs.
copy bootcamp partition

Migrate Windows 10 to an External Drive

Last Updated: Instructions are also included for moving your Windows Boot Camp partition over to the new drive. What you’ll need: A new drive, which must be the same size or larger than your old drive. The exact drive you pick depends on your machine laptop vs. Browse through MacRumors Forums if you need help. Carbon Copy Cloner , which lets you ‘clone’ your old drive over to the new drive. WinClone , to copy the Boot Camp partition.

An external USB enclosure if you’re using a laptop, an iMac, a Mac mini, or any other machine that only supports one internal drive. You’ll need to connect both the old and new drives simultaneously in order to perform the cloning operation. My favorite for doing drive surgery is the Thermaltake BlacX USB docking station , which lets you stick a bare drive in without screws. The tools necessary for physically replacing the drive. This guide covers the software side; be sure to read the appropriate iFixit guide for your model to learn how to actually physically replace your old drive with the new one.

And, of course, the standard disclaimer: Argue with Apple about that. Back everything up. This goes without saying, but you should have all of your files backed up to a third disk, which you will put aside and not touch during this process. I use Time Machine for this backup. Plug the new disk into your Mac. If you have a Mac Pro, you’ll likely be able to connect it to one of the internal bays. If not, you’ll have to get a USB enclosure, put the disk in that, and connect it up.

Open Disk Utility, and locate the new drive. Even if you’re also migrating a Boot Camp partition, you want to partition with a single MacOS partition now. Later, you’ll use the Boot Camp tools to carve off part of this new partition for Windows, and then restore your existing Boot Camp partition using WinClone. Reboot your machine.

Technically this probably isn’t necessary, but I like to have an absolute minimum of other applications running when I’m cloning my disk. You should not use your machine during the cloning process. Open Carbon Copy Cloner, and perform a full disk clone the ‘Backup everything’ option from your old disk to your new disk.

This will take several hours to copy all the data. I recommend you click ‘Delete items that don’t exist on the source’ so you get an exact clone. If you also want to migrate your Windows Boot Camp partition, create an image of that partition once Carbon Copy Cloner has finished.

You should be sure to save the image on your new disk, because you’re about to get rid of your old one. Turn off your machine and swap the new disk for the old disk. Doing the physical swap usually isn’t too hard, but the details depend on what Mac you have. Once again, iFixIt has some great guides.

That’s it! Once the disk is swapped and the old disk is removed, boot up onto your fresh disk! Cloning the Boot Camp Partition The following steps are optional, and only needed if you want to clone your Boot Camp partition as well.

By now, you should have installed and booted from your new disk, and have an image of your Windows Boot Camp partition on your new hard drive, created with WinClone. Your old disk should no longer be connected to your machine. If not, go back through and follow the steps above.

Partition your new disk using the Boot Camp Assistant. Make sure your new Boot Camp partition is at least as big as your old partition. When you’re done partitioning, quit the program rather than starting Windows installation. Load up WinClone again, and click ‘Restore’ to restore the image to the drive. A word of warning: WinClone may not look like its doing anything for mins, but it is. Eventually the restore progress bar will come up. Try it and make sure both work.

You’ll be able to load your Boot Camp partition after a short prep. Feel free to add suggestions to the comments, and enjoy your new drive. Discussion Erik Estrada, Feb 25, Miguel Cerda, Aug 11, You don’t load that image until after you’ve booted into OS X with the new drive.

By that time, your old drive is gone, so you don’t want to save the image there. Make sense? Arron Lorenz, Aug 7, Josh Purple, Aug 14, I sincerely appreciate the time and help on this. I am using an Apple keyboard, but no key commands F1, F2, etc.

Thank you again, I sincerely appreciate it! Tom, Oct 5, I have already upgraded so I am toast on this one. WinClone has been on the way out for a bit, but I don’t know any other options. If you come across anything please be sure to post. David Tom, Oct 8, I then restored the image of my original Boot Camp partition to the new drive in Target Disk Mode and it worked perfectly. Thanks so much for detailing it.

Anyone out there who has an idea? Kassim Jamal, Nov 23, So errors when creating image. Tim Buck, Jan 7, The updated version 2. Ray Ninow, Feb 7, I am running Snow Leopard with Win 7 on Bootcamp. Upgraded the Boocamp partition using Winclone 2. Backed up the Macintosh partition using Time Capsule.

Fitted the new disk. Used Utilities to Erase the new hard drive. Then partitioned the drive as one partition ‘Macintosh HD’. Used Utilities to ‘Restore from Time Machine’. Once restore was complete, rebooted into Snow Leopard from the hard drive. In Snow Leopard, used Bootcamp Assistant to split the new hard drive from one partition into a smaller Macintosh HD and a bootcamp partition, bigger than the old bootcamp partition. Run Winclone 2. Then run Winclone 2.

The back up and restores take some time. It seems that Winclone can only copy the image onto a ‘Macintosh’ partition and then from that aprtition onto another Bootcamp Jamie Morris, Mar 10, I have used the live usb and cd on a pc successfully, but have not been able to boot from it on a mac. It should, in theory, be possible though. Clonezilla is essentially a linux distro, and for those of you who don’t know osx does not like to boot from external drives containing an operating system other than osx.

This method http: I can slide the divider no problem bit when i quit it doesn’t make a difference. Bootcamp clone is sitting on the desktop but can’t partition the drive for windows. Thank You. I ran into some trouble setting up the partitions since the boot camp assistant is asking for the windows 7 DVD and therefore not letting me go any further.

Any suggestions on how to get around that? BR dordal, Jan 20, Hopefully that’s not too hard to find though… either borrow from a friend or download from the Interwebs. You might be able to burn a CD from a trial download , too.


Keep in mind that this process will erase all existing data on the external drive, so make sure to back up any critical data elsewhere before proceeding. Attach the external drive and open Disk Utility in the Utilities folder. Select the external drive in the left side column. At the bottom of the Disk Utility window will be information about the disk. Click the erase button in the toolbar. If you do not see the Scheme option, verify that the disk is selected in the left hand column and not a partition. Click Erase if you are sure.

VIDEO: Upgrading Your Mac’s Internal Hard Drive, Including Boot Camp [StartupCTO]

Winclone makes it easy to back up, restore, and migrate Boot Camp partitions. If you use Apple’s Bootcamp program to run WIndows on your Mac computer, a separate partition on your main hard drive is devoted to the Windows operating. On the Mac side you can clone using Carbon Copy Cloner, it will produce a bootable clone and it won’t mind the size difference, but you can.

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