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Found a bad link? CrossOver comes with an easy to use, single click interface, which makes installing your games simple and fast. Once installed, your game integrates seamlessly with your Desktop. Just click and run!
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CrossOver Mac

October 29th, , You get 12 months of support for free too. I use this free libre open source software application to install, configure, and run Microsoft Windows software applications. It’s much easier than WINE. It’s based upon WINE as a matter of fact. Try it for free! Welly Wu October 29th, , It’s easy to use and it comes with tons of pre-built bottles so that installation and execution are simple and easy. You don’t need to figure out anything on your own. Run Windows on Mac and Linux, easily and affordably http: It will also tell you what is compatible and it will tell you the medal award rating for each one.

It’s a gold mine of information and data. That’s the key difference. It makes it easy to install and run Windows software applications. I also have a subscription and feel it is well worth every cent. TweetDeck Google Picasa 3. Microsoft Office 32 bit is just pure gravy for me. I might purchase more PC games to play in the future. You have 24 hours to get it for free with 12 months of free support to troubleshoot specific technical issues.

No strings attached except you only have October 31st, to get it for free with 12 months of free support. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. It only comes once every four years. I already purchased a two year subscription, but I told my best friend who uses Ubuntu Don’t be fool and ignore this special opportunity. You get it for free with 12 months of free support.

I, for one, was not aware of this until you posted this. I’ve already notified a small business who bought some used Linux laptops unaware that they couldn’t run MS apps. The only application I would like to use is WordPerfect. For free, I’m willing to try it and work with it. If it works, I’ll consider subscribing when the year is up. D Thanks for the heads up! KiwiNZ October 29th, , If you need to use Windows Apps use them on Windows.

The software rated as Gold with Crossover work very well Sector 7 October 29th, , I was planning on buying this in the next couple weeks anyway. Looks like I’m going to luck out. Quick question, it says support for 12 months. I would still get to keep the software for life, right? Thank you for sharing. Yup, but they do have versions so it may happen that a specific piece of software will work or will work better with a new version that you will then have to purchase again.

The 12 months means you get all the updates and newer versions for the year. Do a search at the top of this page to see what works etc. I’ll try to collect it in specified timing. You get the latest version for Linux and Apple Macintosh OS X for free and you get an additional 12 months of support extension added on for free too.

Sector 7 October 30th, , The last time i got it was a lame duck year. As i have pretty much stopped using windose soft ware i havent used crossover in a long while. Thanks for the heads up. And I got a good laugh out of the hundred posts announcing this.

I have never liked emulators and programs like Crossover they are messy and generally perform well below par. I can’t speak for Crossover, but with Wine, it’s hit and miss. Sometimes, what you’re saying is true, but I’ve had some things run very well. I was pretty impressed with how well Office works in Wine. About just using them in Windows, sometimes people don’t want to have to reboot every time they want to use one or two apps, and boot back to Linux when they’re done.

If someone really likes Linux and their necessary apps work fine with Wine, there’s no reason to have to do that. I appreciate all the work of the Wine devs and how they’ve made this possible for us with a lot of apps. And for the record, Crossover is not just an easier version of Wine.

It is based on Wine, but it is heavily modified with compatibility patches. It turns out that our sysadmin secretly reprogrammed the pledge page algorithm to divert pledges into the bit bucket. So, when our CEO, Jeremy White, found out what was going on, he unilaterally launched the Software Giveaway doomsday device, locked the server room, and then ran screaming… watch what happened then at: Which means that the Software Giveaway is on, whether we like it or not.

Absolutely FREE. For 24 hours. Here are the details: Wednesday, October 31, , FREE to anyone on the planet Thanks again for participating in our promotion, no matter what it ends up doing to our servers. And good luck in the elections, whoever you vote for. Best Wishes, You must watch that video. Statia October 31st, , Website was very responsive, it must help I’m in a different timezone! Does anyone have a suggestion for a demo for a Windows game that I could download and try with Crossover?

Nothing too taxing for my graphics card: Nvidia GT IE 7, officially supported. Does not run, known issue: Photo album application, not officially supported, does not run. Suunto Dive Manager. After running the installer, the “Windows Applications” menu entry has disappeared from the KDE menu.

Installed again, menu entry is back. Program does not run. I am glad I did not have to spend money on this, or I would be asking for a refund by now. I’ll just stick to VirtualBox. Lyfang October 31st, , Even translated into Swedish. Pressing Register and unlock this demo: Denna installation av CrossOver Linux har redan registrerats av: Uncle Spellbinder October 31st, , Note that threads merged.

Original topic “CrossOver for Linux”? Sidner October 31st, , It’s free for 12 months. October 31st, , Rather harsh, I’d say it is ore likely a successful marketing ploy. Not the first time this product has been marketed in this way, so it probably works: Kudos to them.

Welly Wu October 31st, , I registered on the Flock the Vote website and they said that they will create a registration for me and send me an e-mail message so that I can get the free 12 month support entitlement. I plan to take advantage of that right away.

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Download Crossover offers the user the possibility to launch some of Windows’ most popular applications on the Apple operating system, Mac OS X. The elegance and stability offered by Apple’s computers are two of the main reasons why many users to decide to buy a Mac. The only drawback when using these computers is that some professional applications don’t have a version designed for Mac OS X. But this obstacle can easily be bypassed by using a tool like CrossOver, that offers you the possibility to install the most popular Windows applications on your Mac. Once you have installed any Windows application supported by CrossOver, you’ll be able to open it as you would normally do with any other Mac application. Thus, you’ll be able to use your favorite Windows applications while enjoying a perfect integration with the rest of applications that you’ve installed. Requirements and additional information:

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Crossover Mac Full Version Free Crack (CrossOver Mac Download). CrossOver Mac download is a powerful and useful macOS application that allows you to. CrossOver should also work on any distribution of Linux that meets the other requirements listed on this page. However, we do not guarantee that we will be. CrossOver 18 for Mac starts from $ for the single version later, and requires an Intel-based Mac with at least megabytes of free disk.

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