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Darko March 20, , However, the tables get turned when it comes to ripping, tagging and file format conversion. Over in Windows land, Exact Audio Copy is widely regarded as the finest CD ripper to ever walk the earth and, as pointed out recently , one could easily make a case for mp3tag still! Capable of handling all three tasks — ripping, converting and tagging — is dBpoweramp.
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dBpoweramp Music Converter R16.6 Full Version

Worked most of the time. Went to re-install and couldn’t locate the serial number. The Illustrate site reports that there aren’t any orders found for my email address. No prob – I email customer service. Deep breath, I make a friendly reply asking if they email confirmations – you know, he can tell me what the sending address is – I’ll just find it myself and I’m set.

He sends me another snarky 1 sentence reply saying they ’email confirmations twice’. That’s it. It’s a slightly easier for him to just tell me to eff off, so he does.

Don’t give this joker your money. I’m out what I paid. Many other products do this sort of thing – choose those instead. Reply by rboncnet on November 18, Thanks for the heads up, agree it is poor customer service, it is a business after all. Report this post Reply by cirrus-cirrus on June 26, I can imagine myself in gomperigbot’s shoes and totally disagree with andrewbaggins.

Andrew, who would copy it to file or even print it and keep it for such a small purchase. In a different light, do you read the whole terms all conditions when you sign up for a forum account? No one does such frivolous things. That’s all. And all dbamp gave were shifty 1 sentence reply and refuse to provide the confirmations sending address.

That’s a good example of POOR customer service. The dbamp guy doesn’t deserve any business.

Main features

CD Ripper has over the years ripped over million CDs. Constantly innovating, over the years illustrate have been 1st in the world to: Main Features: Batch Convert.

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dBpoweramp Music Converter is a powerful software, easy-to-use and provides Rip digitally record audio CDs with easy; And much more. Audio ripper: the application digitally rips audio CDs securely and rapidly without any quality loss. dBpoweramp CD Ripper can encode up to. Convert audio files to/from FLAC, MP3, M4A, AAC, Opus, WAV, OGG, and all other audio file formats. Secure bit perfect Audio CD Ripper and Audio File.

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