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The best way to do this is by trying it out under live conditions on your own PC, notebook or workstation. Enjoy the possiblity to do your color correction in realtime and combine it with other videofilters and effects. Convince yourself of EDIUS 9 realtime performance as a 64bit application and export your film in any format you wish for. The trial version contains a watermark in the preview and the output. To try out EDIUS 9 we offer you a full version without any limitation apart from the water mark for the time span of 30 days – without any commitment from your side:
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EDIUS EDIUS 6. This is fairly similar to other editing programs. There is also an offline activation feature. EDIUS Pro has to be activated via the internet and has to check the licence once a month via the web. If you do not do this the program will stop working until it can be validated. If you do not use your computer for 2 or 3 months this is not a problem. You will need to connect to the internet to reactivate EDIUS when you next start the computer but the fact that you did not use connect for a couple of months is not an issue.

There is a full list of the differences between the Workgroup and Pro versions below. The two versions are very similar, and you can edit a project in Pro and then open and edit it in Workgroup and go back to the pro version later with no issues.

Here is a summary of the features: Option to drop the playback resolution of the timeline to help playback complicated effects without rendering. This is very useful if you have very busy effects heavy timelines or using hard to play 4K footage with limited processing power, because you can drop the resolution and the timeline will still play back at the proper speed. Effects will be rendered at lower quality meaning you can see effects that otherwise you would need to render.

It is not the end of the world if you have to do so, but nicer if you can keep playing the timeline and not waste time rendering. This lets you load files that are saved in Avid’s specific formats and stored in MXF files.

Others may not – the CC version of Adobe Premiere will remind you constantly that they are dropping support for “legacy” QuickTime files and Adobe have not said if they will still support Avid format files. The biggest use for this feature is if collaborating with Avid users. Most other ways of exporting a project to Avid do not work properly. Loudness metering an automatic loudness correction on export.

If you are providing a clip to broadcast then it must be delivered within certain broadcast parameters. EDIUS Workgroup has a loudness meter which will analyse the timeline and point out problems, and also has the option to automatically correct the loudness on export.

This is not like using a compressor or other filter to “level out” the audio on the timeline; to do that you need an extra plug-in regardless of which version of EDIUS you use. This is really only something you will need if delivering a file for broadcast. Audio monitoring mode Suppose you have two speakers connected to your system but the file you are playing is surround sound. You can hear the left and right speakers but what happens to the other channels – centre, subwoofer etc?

Some cameras will let you record on more than two channels and you can have different mikes on different channels – what happens when you play one of these clips in EDIUS? The Workgroup version lets you change how audio is monitored so you can down-mix several channels into 2 and hear them all on your stereo speakers. This mainly changes how you hear the clips when playing them. This Workgroup only feature only really helps you listen to clips when playing them and hear all the channels, but the final edit will be the same.

In earlier versions of EDIUS you did not have this option and would only hear selected channels when using multichannel clips. How to deal with multi-channel audio being added to a stereo timeline is explained in my EDIUS tutorial videos. Edit growing files — edit files as they are captured.

Dolby Pro licence option — Add a Pro version of Dolby encoding. Stratus is Grass Valley’s media management system, used primarily in news organisation. If you don’t have Stratus then you do not need this option.

Audio monitoring mode — lets you monitor multi-channel audio on a 2 speaker system. You only pay for the software once — when you buy it — and do not pay every month. However, your machine must connect to the Internet once a month otherwise EDIUS will stop working and will not work again until the computer is connected to the Internet again.

If your machine is always connected to the Internet then you do not have to do anything, EDIUS will automatically check the licence with not intervention from you. If you do not use the machine for 2 months then the computer will simply need to be connected to the Internet when you turn it on again.

You do not have to turn the computer on every month; simply after a month EDIUS will not work again until you have plugged the machine into the Internet. Once activated, which EDIUS will do automatically simply by running the program, you can disconnect from the Internet again for another 30 days.

If you do not want to put your computer on the Internet every month some people do not like to connect their editing computer to the Internet at all you have to buy the Workgroup version of EDIUS. When you place your order you will be sent to a web-page with the download links for the tutorial, and an email will be sent to you automatically with the download links included. The links will stay active for 3 days. If you have any problems downloading the tutorial please email us at sales dvctraining.

Our EDIUS tutorial is quite long, because it is very comprehensive and covers just about everything in the program. It is therefore going to take us quite some time to remake the whole thing so that it uses the EDIUS 8 interface. Obviously it would be nicer if all of the sections were remade with the interface looking exactly like EDIUS 8, but we have not completed this work yet. It will take us some time to do this and you will have the option to buy the updated version at a reduced price when it is available.

In re-filming sections using the EDIUS 8 interface we have also updated the tutorial and added some extra information. The sections we have remade so far: You may find you only need to work through this section to get working efficiently. It will take a few months to get them all redone and we will also be creating new videos on the new features coming in EDIUS 8 in the meantime.

If you want to see a complete list of all of the chapters please click here. How do you download and install the tutorial? When you have placed your order you will be sent to a webpage with download links for the tutorial. The entire tutorial is about 4GB and we have split it into smaller sections to make it easier to download.

You will need to download all the sections before you can install the tutorial. Download all the sections into the same location. Once downloaded just click on the first part and you will be prompted to decided where the tutorial will be installed it defaults to the Windows drive. You choose the location and then the tutorial should install all the sections for you.

Once finished you will have a shortcut on the desktop which will run the tutorial. After the tutorial has installed you do not need the installation files. The tutorial runs in a web browser, like a web page. The first video in the “introduction” section contains a video on how to use the tutorial and find various sections.

Even though the tutorial runs in a web browser you do not need to be connected to the Internet to use it. It will run entirely from your local machine. The download links will remain active for 6 days.

If you need to download the tutorial again at a later stage then contact us and we can send new download links to you. You will also be sent an email with the links to the address you used when ordering. If you have any questions or problems please contact at sales dvctraining.


All Softwares are free to download. Download Setup File Editing a video or image is a very artful work when you have a passion, and we need tools for to any media file, a tool which should have all the necessary options for editing, so that a perfect media is created, easily and hassle-free. Edius Pro 9 Serial Number is provided so that you get full access to all features of Edius software. Camtasia is best of all for me.

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Grass Valley Edius Pro 8 and 9 Free Download Latest Version for Windows. The program and all files are checked and installed manually. Shop Grass Valley EDIUS PRO 9 Jump Upgrade 4K Video Editing Software – Download. Search all EDIUS in Video Software App Downloads. An email containing a download URL address and a serial number will be sent to your registered EDIUS Pro/Workgroup 9 Trial Version Installation Guide.

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