GO Launcher Prime Apk v3.12 Download Full Unlocked Edition [Ad-free]

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The only downside to using this app is that to enjoy all its features and get rid of the persistent ads, you have to upgrade to the paid version. Pros Creative customization options: With more than 10, themes, 27 screen transition effects, and 19 original GO widgets, GO Launcher EX can totally change the way your home screen looks. What’s more, you can easily group apps into different folders, whether you do it through the auto-classify feature or manually.
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Download GO Launcher Prime APK + Full (Premium Themes)

Because you can literally install an app for almost everything you do or want to do. Today, we are going to talk about just one possibility that you make you phone even smarter, cool and attractive, you can say a 2. Read on. One you install it, you can get the following things. Refreshing look and Clean Interface Android is all the on all the devices yet all the Android phones from various companies are different because they put an extra layer on top of it to make it look different and usable.

But you may not like it what is there on all other phones, GoLauncher enables you to create a unique look by letting you choose different settings for the look of your phone. You can also install the Themes available in the Go Launcher store, you may require some credits to enable the theme. The default look of GoLauncher looks beautiful anyway. Like, going to the app drawer from the home screen, moving to the next screen etc. It gives the software a feeling that you can see the software behaving on your taps.

It looks nice and the phone feels fast. You can set it anything you like or copy mine. Search any app with just a Swipe This feature, in continuation with Gestures, is helpful in finding any app you want with a single swipe down. Keep the search bar configured to one of the gestures to access it fast. Which works well for me. Lock Edits to Keep Kids from Messing Your Apps up If you have a kid at home who takes your phone for something and then you have to spend few minutes to rearranging the icons on the home screen, you will love this feature, It locks the edits, meaning, the App icons on the home screen or App drawer will not move, unless you unlock the lock from the Go Launcher settings.

How about double tap to lock your phone and turn the screen off? You have to install the lock screen app additionally which is like some kb in size. Well, I am talking about the bloatware your phone carrier or the manufacturer has installed that, for some reasons, can not be uninstalled. Well, Hide them. You can hide the Lock screen app icon, settings, random widgets that come along with Go Launcher and other apps to make keep your app drawer organized. Random guys maybe asking your phones to play games or stuff, and you are not comfortable giving them, any reason be it x,y,z you have an option to lock particular apps with a pattern based locker.

If you forget your lock pattern, you can request the password to your email.

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There are a number of people can be seen, who are using such application for getting the various themes, icons, and wallpapers. Numerous wallpapers and themes are already present in the application, and we can select anyone. Check Also: There are a lot of features can be seen of this application. In fact, these are the main factor behind the huge popularity of such apk. In the further article, you can read about chief features of GO Launcher. With the help of Dr.

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GO Launcher 3D parallax Themes & HD Wallpapers Prime Full Unlocked Apk Latest is the best launcher for Android. The brand new version “GO Launcher Z’ provides day updated themes & HD wallpapers to decorate your screen, and abundant widgets, gestures & tools to. Download GO Launcher – 3D parallax Themes & HD Wallpapers apk for Android. GO Launcher- Customize your stylish phone with free themes & HD. Nih monggo bagi agan semua yang pengen duwnload GO Launcher lengkap selengkap lengkapnya, insyaallah,, hehehe monggo di sedot:D.

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