Line 6 Helix Native – Metal

Thu, Oct 12, 5: I definitely do not dent anyway Had this riff floating around since I got the guitar. Bass is also Helix.
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Focusrite Clarett 2Pre USB

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Thu, Feb 22, 7: Thu, Feb 22, 9: Thu, Feb 22, Sounds pretty brutal to me. Thanks man! Going to redo it with better monitoring at home and Superior Drumer as well.

I think Native sounds great too. Fri, Feb 23, Man I just bought an iMac so that I can get an Apollo twin and said fuck it might as well get logic too, lol! Hopefully it aint to hard to get figured out.

I think its the best looking daw. Fri, Feb 23, 1: Very cool! I guess I am getting similar tones with Native after all. Maybe you can help me crack the code or tone rather. Are you able to get a good S. D – March of the SOD tone? If Helix can replicate that I’d be all over it. I’ve been studying the Helix inside and out of late. I’m convinced their amp modeling still sucks. Effects are great, high gain amps, still suck.

Fri, Feb 23, 2: That’s kind of how I feel about it too I was able to match my BE damn near perfectly with an IR. I also plugged the Helix into my return on the BE, using the Placater preamp model only and i couldn’t tell the difference in tone when going back and forth between the actual amp and the Helix.

There was a difference in dynamics, but full bore I realize that a BE isn’t really a hi-gain head compared to many though Re: Fri, Feb 23, 3: I’m looking pretty hard at the AX8. It seems light-years ahead of the Line6, as far as amp modeling.

I only use the basic chorus, delay, reverb, with maybe phase and flange, so I don’t need ‘s of effects. I’m finding either overkill, or shitty models. I’m waiting on the Atomic Amplifire 6. But, I’ve contacted them both on their website and in Reverb with no replies. I’ve read that their Customer Service sucks..

THAT is a huge deal-breaker for me. There’s only 2 reviews on their site on the AA12, and both were negatives with no responses to return the units because of issues. I am not an expert on the modelers but I guess you would feel the same way even with the AX8. IMO modelers today are amazing.

The technology just isn’t there yet. I did own an AX8 and it was amazing. Best recorded tones I have ever had honestly but I just can’t get the same tube amp feel which is important to me. Maybe with the right FRFR?

Fri, Feb 23, 6: Fri, Feb 23, 7: We will definitely have to agree to disagree here. I have owned both and I’ll take the Helix any day of the week, hands down. It all comes down to the individual user though that’s for sure.

Like my grandfather used to say, “one mans chicken is another mans steak. I actually think it is there. You have to remember that the modelers are modeling a mic’d up cab being recorded and not an amp in the room. You can get the amp in the room sound if you just run the pre into a poweramp. The thing for me is that I just can’t get that super thick palm muted sound aka jug jug aka chug chug whatever lol.

Even with my suhr RL and IR’s, it’s not quite the same as a mic’d up cab. Jer if you do stumble across a good Helix native setting that gets that tone i’m looking for by all means dude would love to try it, thanks! Sat, Feb 24, 6: Fuckin’ A!! Love S. One of the most brutal tones ever IMHO!

Would love to see the Helix duplicate this!! Ok, had the day off and decided to go whack off with the Line 6 Native Plugin today lol Sounded great!

I think a tad more high end and its there. Yeah agreed! Sat, Feb 24, 7: Ian’s SOD tone was positively sick. One of the most brutal guitar tones of all time. Sun, Feb 25, 4: Took another stab at it just now and used the new Friedman-ish amp “Placater Dirty” and cranked the highs up like you said and holy shit it sounds way better. Here is the SOD tone test 2! Sun, Feb 25, 6: Nicely done, sir!

Sun, Feb 25, 8: Sounds great! Sun, Feb 25, Man that sounds great! Mon, Feb 26, Mon, Feb 26, 1: Thanks guys I know Helix amp modeling sucks and all It’s alright for what it is. I’ll give you that But i’m still not sold on it’s high gain stuff for the most part and I think I know why. In order for me to dial it in for the SOD stuff I had to use my monitors to be able to sit back and really hear the changes.

Before that I was using it mainly with headphones, which trying to dial in stuff from scratch wasn’t the easiest But now that I have dialed in one tone with it, I wonder what is up with all the shitty bad sounding presets Line 6 has built in? I’ll admit I went straight to the presets most of the time and the obvious metal ones were just bad lol. I’m probably going to keep using it every so often to see how far I can take it.

I may even dabble into that other stuff I think it’s called clean channels Re: Mon, Feb 26, 9: That’s the best Line 6 vst clip I’ve heard so far, nice work! Have you tried the Mercurrial or Amplitube 4 plugins? I’d like to hear what you would do with the Mercurrial U Mon, Feb 26, 3:

Re: Clip of Line 6’s Helix Native and my new KM-7 – HEAVY!

Featuring specially designed high performance, low-noise mic pres for open and transparent sound aimed at giving an accurate representation of the original performance. Nick Jennison finds out if the Clarett can really capture every detail. Making use of the then-emerging Thunderbolt transfer protocol, the first generation of Clarett preamps offered such remarkably low latency that Focusrite was able to do away with the internal DSP that many manufacturers were offering at the time. After all, if you can monitor through your favourite plugins without latency being an issue, why would you bother with internal DSP? With the introduction of the Clarett USB series, the same features that made the Clarett Thunderbolt range of interfaces so popular are available as class-compliant USB devices. For us guitar players, this means a few things.

VIDEO: Focusrite Clarett 2Pre USB

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