Pirating ‘Game of Thrones’? Malware is coming, says Kaspersky report

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How to Add uTorrent to a Kaspersky Firewall by Jay Darrington UTorrent is a popular alternate way of downloading large files and programs, but it’s also usually blocked by Kaspersky’s firewall system. This means that if you try to access uTorrent behind the Kaspersky firewall, you will not be able to download or upload anything using the BitTorrent network. To make uTorrent work on your PC, make sure it’s listed as one of the “trusted” applications installed on your computer. Step 2 Click on the “Settings” tab on the Kaspersky program, and then click “Protection. Step 4 Click the “Settings
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March 6, Russian Doll-style malware hunts for users of Pirate Bay torrent tracker Kaspersky Lab researchers have detected a new malware spreading through the Pirate Bay — one of the most popular torrent trackers. It has multilayered structure and due to its hidden, seemingly endless stack of functionality, the threat has been named PirateMatryoshka, after the classic Russian stacking doll.

Kaspersky Lab researchers have detected a new malware spreading through the Pirate Bay — one of the most popular torrent trackers. They are a popular target for cybercriminals looking to distribute malicious code, not least because users in search of illegal content often disconnect their online security solutions or ignore system notifications in order to install the downloaded content.

The newly discovered PirateMatryoshka malware carries a Trojan-downloader malware that downloads malicious installers disguised as a hacked version of legitimate software used in everyday PC activity. The malware uses a sophisticated method of self-propagation from the social engineering point of view.

While the vast majority of malicious code discovered on torrent websites is usually spread through newly set up user accounts seeders , PirateMatryoshka malware is spread using established seeders with no known history of malicious activity. The latter makes an effective distribution process, because due to the good reputation of the seeder, potential victims have no reason to doubt that the file to be downloaded is safe.

First, it shows the victim a copy of The Pirate Bay page that is in fact a phishing page, asking them to enter their credentials to continue the installation. Later this malware uses these credentials to create new seeders distributing more of PirateMatryoshka. The research shows that so far, the phishing link has been accessed around 10, times. PirateMatryoshka, therefore, combines sophisticated, multi-functional malware with effective distribution functionality for its own and other malicious code.

Ivanov, security researcher at Kaspersky Lab. Kaspersky lab detects this malware as: PirateMatryoshka In order to protect your devices, Kaspersky Lab advises the following: Use only legitimate software, downloaded from official webpages. Pay extra attention to the website’s authenticity. Do not visit websites until you are sure that they are legitimate. Install reliable security solutions that securely auto-fills login credentials and provides comprehensive protection from a wide range of threats, such as Kaspersky Password Manager and Kaspersky Security Cloud To learn more about PirateMatryoshka, please read the blog post available at Securelist.

Over million users are protected by Kaspersky Lab technologies and we help , corporate clients protect what matters most to them. Learn more at www. Articles related to Press Releases From Kurils with love: Kaspersky supports expedition to the Kuril Islands, highlighting the ecological uniqueness and challenges of the region Eugene Kaspersky, together with a renowned team of environmentalists, film makers and photographers, set off on a day expedition to explore the unique ecosystem and raise awareness on the environmental challenges of the Kuril Islands – one of the most remote and endangered island chains on the planet.

From Kurils with love:

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Because the BitTorrent technology reveals the IP addresses of devices connected to its data stream — called a torrent — trolls can identify which addresses. Kaspersky Security Scan is, a thorough independent analysis of crack.u6831481.isp.regruhosting.ru formalware perfect tool for both accurate analysis and as a second opinion. Kaspersky Lab researchers have detected a new malware spreading through the Pirate Bay – one of the most popular torrent trackers.

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