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Find your Windows product key. You can do that with an app that can search for and display the Windows product key. The problem is that there are many apps of this type on the internet and not all of them are good. That’s why we decided to test a few of them and identify those that are completely free and which work best with all modern versions of Windows:
lost windows 8.1 product key

How to Retrieve a Lost Product Key for Windows 10 or an Application

Many programs were developed for recovering Windows 7 product keys but not that many work on Windows 8. You never know when you need to recover your lost license key. Some of the programs that were tested in this roundup promise to also recover the license key for other products except Windows e.

Microsoft Office. I have a legal Microsoft Office installation and no program was able to read my product key. All of them seem to support only Microsoft Office and earlier versions. From this perspective, all of them need an upgrade. When you run it, it spends quite a while analyzing the local network of your computer or device. When done, the results are shown in a local web page. There is lots of information being shown and you might be lost at first.

There you will find several software licenses, including the one for your Windows installation. This program works well but it spends more time to load the data you require because it looks for much more data than other programs. If you just want to learn your Windows product key, other programs are faster and better. When installing it, pay attention though, as it also tries to install a free game you might not want. Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder 2. Browse through the available sections, find the data you need and use it.

This program is fast and it works quite well. You download its archive, extract it and run ProduKey. The program launches instantly and displays the appropriate product key information. It is small, free, fast and easy to use. Highly recommended! Download its archive, extract it and run LicenseCrawler. When you run the program for the first time, you need to select the language you want to use and go through several prompts until you get to use it, including some annoying commercials.

LicenseCrawler is quite technical and, in order to find your Windows product key, you need to select your computer and press Start Search. Then, it takes a couple of minutes to scan your entire registry and display all the product key information it finds. With LicenseCrawler you can find your Windows product key as well as the keys for other products installed on your computer, if such information is stored in the Windows registry. Even though this product works well, novices and casual users will find it too technical and hard to use.

Which Programs are Best? All the programs presented in this roundup work well at finding your Windows product key. Some may even find the product key of the different programs installed on your computer, including Microsoft Office. However, if all you need is a fast method for reading your Windows 7 or Windows 8 license key, I recommend you to try ProduKey v1.

Where Windows 8.1/8 Product Key Located

Here is how you can get it back with just a few easy steps. Anyone can do this. Better still: Here is how to do it. Should you ever need to get a hold of your Windows product key or the serial number of any of your software, you can retrieve this from your existing, legitimate installation of Windows in not time flat. Windows 10 activation: You will need your product key to reinstall Windows 10 should any of these scenarios apply to you:

VIDEO: Best Windows /8 Product Key Finder in

You can’t reinstall Windows without your activation key. a flaw in my article Reinstall Windows when you’ve lost your reinstall disc or partition. If you’re preparing to reinstall Windows 8, run Refresh PC or Reset PC feature, you will How to use ProduKey to recover Windows 8 product key: Wow, it looks to be a great tool to recover our lost Windows 8 product key. How to Find Your Windows 8 Product Key. On computers and devices running Windows 8, product keys are saved in the registry and verified.

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