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This is a project based video that will have you creating content immediately. The trickiest part of making this video is addressing everyone in my audience. About ten years ago, I did a lot of work in Maya and that was my 3D introduction.

As I introduce different parts of Marvelous Designer, I will address each of these groups when appropriate. I want you to be comfortable in the software and able to equate it to what you already know. I watch a lot of tutorials, both paid and free. First, I am not going to tell you what the shortcut keys are.

I never remember them and they just serve to confuse me. Mac users know to hit Command and Windows users know to use Control. My computer runs the Mac operating system, but I use a Windows keyboard.

I will most likely refer to Windows commands. I know that a majority of my audience are Windows users, so that should work out fine.

Starting Marvelous Designer Your initial startup process may differ, if you have the stand-alone or Linux node licensing. When you first open the program, you will be presented with a Graphic Options Dialog. All of these take computer resources. If you have a pokey machine, you may consider turning off the Shader options and selecting a low antialiasing option. Your first time out, I would suggest you keep both shader options checked and select 8 on the antialiasing.

If the program runs terribly, you can always change the settings next time. Subscription Licensing Enter in your ID and Password. I would strongly suggest you check the Auto Deactivation box, too. The deactivation process ensures that you are only running one instance of the program for your assigned ID and password. If you had two machines, you could deactivate the software on one machine and then you could activate it it on the other.

The Auto Deactivation is supposed to deactivate the software automatically when you close the program. I downloaded a new version of MD, installed it and was instantly locked out for four days. The moral of this story is that you should understand what deactivation is and use it appropriately.

I will also show you how to deactivate the software in the program, which is what you should always do before upgrading and loading a new version.

Click the Activate button to authenticate your credentials and open the program. You will be presented with yet another dialog box titled Avatar Editor. You can change the avatar properties, like hair and shoes.

You can also reopen it from within the program. Before I forget, the deactivate option is located in the top tool bar under Settings. Before upgrading your software, open the program and manually deactivate it to be safe. Marvelous Designer Interface The majority of the interface is two windows. On the left you have the 3D window and on the right is the 2D window. Also, you should understand that Marvelous Designer is not a 3D modeling program. I would better describe it as a physics program.

It applies gravity, mass and wind to planes that are draped or pinned on the avatar. The avatar is simply a collision object. This is a whole other ball game, so be prepared. For those who sew, with little or no 3D experience, this window will be a challenge at first.

Think of it as your sewing room with your dress form in the middle. You can walk around the form, make adjustments to your garment and step back to take a look at your progress. Gizmo Now the Gizmo will stay oriented to the 3D window space.

The Gizmo will help you to understand the directions in 3D space. The green arrow pointing up is the Y axis, which moves up and down. The red arrow pointing to the side is the X axis, which moves side to side.

The blue arrow is the Z axis, which moves front to back. I can move pattern pieces using these arrows in the 3D window and constrain them to one direction. This is very helpful for those just starting out.

If I click the yellow box on the Gizmo, now I can move the piece in any and all directions at the same time. This will get you into trouble fast. You can easily move a piece way out of alignment with this without intending to. Pan, Zoom and Rotate This allows you to navigate around the avatar and see things from every angle. Now select the View Controls. There is a small dropdown list in the upper right. I have changed my settings so it shows User Preset, yours will be set to the Default Preset.

If you have experience in these other programs, select one of these and MD will behave in a manner you are more accustomed to. If you forget how to do any of these things, just open this dialog box to get a refresher. You may want to jot down the settings for each item now.

The action of panning locks you in the X and Y axis. By default, this is the done by holding the Middle Mouse button. You can move up and down, and side to side. You see a little hand icon when panning. Zooming is the left and right mouse buttons depressed, or your scroll wheel. The action of zooming locks you in the Z axis. You can move forward and back. Rotating is done by default using the right mouse button.

Rotating spins the floor plane, which is the grid at her feet. The center of the plane is the rotation point. You can also tilt up and down while rotating. All the buttons you see in the 3D window and directly above it apply to functions of the 3D window. You can also right click in the window to bring up more functions. When I first started out in 3D, I was constantly losing my place.

If you lose your avatar, right click in the 3D window and select Zoom Extents All. This will bring your avatar back to center view. You can also lock your view to various planes. Right click in the window and select Front for front view. For the 3D people, you will not use these views as much as you do in other programs. All the buttons at the top of the window pertain to functions in the 2D space.

For those of you accustomed to CAD, you will love the 2D window and be right at home here. For those in 3D, this window is very much like a UV editor. The Z axis is gone and all you have is X and Y. For those that sew, think of the 2D window as your cutting table. You lay out your patterns here and make changes to them.

You can zoom and pan in the 2D window. Starting a New Project — The Sheet You could select all the garments by holding down the left mouse and drawing a box around them and hitting delete. However, all the custom fabrics and other settings associated with this garment would remain. Select File New from the main menu. MD provides a silhouette of the avatar in the 2D window and gives us one basic default fabric. Select the Rectangle tool on the 2D side.

Many of the tools have two methods of using them. I can click and drag in the 2D window to create my rectangle. I can also just left click to get a dialog box.

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Description Release date: It is an application used to create 3D clothes for use in film, television, game development and interior design. It is based on patternmaking making the blueprint for a garment , which Fashion design background is not required to create 3D clothes using Marvelous designer. Users can build skills by mastering online training at Marvelous Designer Learn Page. Features- Marvelous Designer comes with features to aid in the modeling of 3D clothes.

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May 25, The latest version brings 4 key features, so let’s study them. Have a look at a You can find the full breakdown of Marvelous Designer here. Apr 8, This video tutorial is for beginners new to Marvelous Designer. This is a First, I am not going to tell you what the shortcut keys are. When I’m. Nov 6, Marvelous Designer specializes in 3D cloth creation and simulation. Bring your imagination to K E Y F E A T U R E S. Accurate with Highest.

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