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Pubblicato il 12 febbraio di Enzo Contini In the following you can find how you can easily and for free make a PC screen recording, allowing also to add, in a side windows, your speaking image if you think that it can be useful for the listener. I know that there are also other free available alternative SW e. CamStudio … but not with the same quality and features e.
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Confirmation: Download Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 from Official Microsoft Download Center

Here is one way that you can record the screen, including audio, and upload it to YouTube for free. This is useful for recording game footage, creating a presentation, or showing how to perform some task on the computer. Step 1: Download Start by downloading Microsoft Expression Encoder 4.

This software package includes the encoder and screen capture tool. Step 2: Installation Go through the software installation as you normally would. Once installed, there will be two shortcuts in your start menu. One is called “Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Screen Capture”, which is the tool you will use to capture the screen.

The other is “Microsoft Expression Encoder 4”, which is the program that converts the screen capture into a video suitable to upload to YouTube. You can ignore the SDK folder. Once you’re ready to record something, open up the “Screen Capture” application. Step 3: Configuration Once you have the Screen Capture application open, you should see a little window that looks like this: Click the options cog button to bring up the options menu: On the “Screen” tab you’ll want to adjust the Frame Rate to something more usable like 30 or 60 defaults to And decide if you want to capture the mouse pointer or not: On the “Audio” tab, be sure to check the audio device you use for audio output so that it records the output.

On most computers this will be “Stereo Mix”, but it can vary depending on the audio hardware you have. Once set, click OK. If you’re unsure what audio device you should use, open up the “Sound” control panel in Windows and check the “Recording” tab. This can be accessed in the Control Panel link in the start menu. It should show your audio hardware and have a checkbox next to the one used for recording you can change it to the same as device that you use for audio output.

If you have a mic that you want to use instead, be sure to select that. Step 4: The screen will now have an overlay where you can select the area that you want to record. Highlight the area you want to record. You can also select a preset resolution and then move the recording area around.

Once you have the area selected, click the red recording button one more time. There will be a 3 second countdown and then it will start recording. Once you’re done, click the stop button. Step 5: Encoding The Screen Capture window will come back up and show the recording you just took. Click the “Send to Encoder” button. The encoder application will open, which looks like a typical movie creator program.

You don’t need to do anything in this program other than click the “Encode” button at the bottom. Upload Now all that’s left to do is to log in to YouTube, click the Upload button, and select the file to upload.

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Microsoft Expression Encoder is available as a free download from Microsoft. Before installing Expression Encoder, you will also need to download and install the Microsoft. NET Framework Runtime 4. Setting up your Windows Media Server Note: If you do not have a Windows Media server on SpacialNet, skip this section. Windows Media with Microsoft Expression Encoder works in push recommended or pull mode.

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Feb 12, Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 is part of the Microsoft Expression tools that Microsoft decided to leave available for free so you can download. Jan 5, In support of these industry trends, in December Microsoft Additionally, the free version of Expression Encoder will continue to be. Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 offers the ability to inexpensively adaptively great review yet another alternative for screen capture is Ezvid Free Screen.

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