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Such software floats on online sites and in the open market when the copyright protected software is copied and modified. Containing many of the security flaws, these are often targeted by the cyber criminals to spread malware. Following are some of the dangers of using a pirated software:
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5 Best Torrent Sites for Software/Applications [Tested and True]

This is of great use as you can use that software without paying a single penny over it. However, as we have said, it is illegal. The practice will not only stop the software developers providing better service, but also put users at the risks of privacy leaking and virus attack. If you want to avoid the risks and still download paid apps free, please look through this article to discover best free full version software download sites.

Warning again: Many people have been scared when ransomware was prevailing years ago. Actually, those kinds of threats are still existing today. In case you lose some important documents or photos due to cybercrime, just remember to download Jihosoft File Recovery Software to recover files deleted by virus. These are the reasons why it is not suggested to download the paid software from the torrent sites for free.

What if you can get the paid software for free without being involved in the malicious scenario of torrent sites? In this article, you will know up to 11 best free full version software download sites. You will get access to most paid software from here easily and legally.

Top 1. The high daily visiting and engaging rate attracts a lot of software providers share their apps in this site every day, so you may find desired paid apps for Android, Windows, or Mac devices available for free here. Up to the software provider, SharewareOnSale not only offers users the full version of all kinds of software for free, but also provides the maximum discount on some apps.

Its paid programs available for free can be accessed using both Mac and Windows PC. The free full version apps are usually in several main categories: English is supported on this site. Top 2. Giveaway of the Day Giveaway of the Day is another old-brand website for downloading full version apps for free in addition to SharewareOnSale.

This site is featured with a calendar which archives the offers in previous days. However, the paid apps are usually free for 24 hours or so. Giveaway of the Day is not as vast as the top 1 option in category, but it is still a good platform to get paid software for free. The offered version is not for trial but the full version with license. Moreover, there are brief review and user comments on the giveaway page of each software so that you could evaluate before downloading despite of it is free.

Windows, Game, Android and iPhone are four main sectors of this sites, so it covers most users of digital devices. Besides, this free full version app website supports up to 12 languages.

Top 3. Giveaway Radar According to Giveaway Radar , the free apps listed on this site are mainly hand-picked, which can ensure the quality but also limit the number, so you may not find the desired apps every time. Presently, you can find all the software giveaway in This site actually covers and collects all the giveaway sites and make that software available for users all at one place. Basically, it acts as a library of all the giveaway sites and displays the links to the user along with the description.

The minimalist website helps users to bookmark and get a quick view of all the options. All the long-term and short-term giveaways are categorized to make the search simple. Top 4. However, technical support is not provided along with the free software. The given licenses are usually available for one or two days and must be activated within limited date, so users need to give close attention in order to download free full version apps from this site.

There are some limitations of the software downloaded from this website. You need to check the installation date for the activation of the license of the software. The downloaded software can be used for a limited period only. This website offers software and games for both Windows PC and Mac which can be checked by looking at the categories names as Windows, Games, and Mac.

You will get all your software and Games news satisfied here for free. Top 5. TopWareSale TopWareSale is another popular website for providing software giveaways for free and other software at a discounted rate. There is no trial version offered from this website. This website offers much top-rated software with a maximum discount which makes it a hub for software purchase and download.

The programs are compatible with both Windows PC and Mac. The software which can be downloaded from this site covers all categories like media, design, business, education, antivirus, office, writing, and many more. You can find the software giveaways available for fee daily along with the software at nominal prices. Top 6. Tickcoupon Giveaway Tickcoupon is a comprehensive platform for buying software at a minimal rate and get free software giveaways.

It has a very simple and clear website which has different sections containing different types of software which make the user easy to find out their desired software. The giveaways offered by this site are available for Windows, Mac and for mobile phones as well. Apart from free software giveaways, you can use the coupon codes provided on the website to apply discounts on the desired software.

You can also get to know about popular software deals and other promo coupons from this website. Top 7. Techno Techno is another website for getting the full version of the software to be downloaded for free.

The software available on this website is compatible with both Mac and Windows PC. This website does not give a short-term license to the user. In general, a single-user licence of software can be obtained which is valid for a year. It is good for the user who wants to get a new and updated version of software from time to time. Top 8. You can buy the paid software or game at a nominal rate by applying the discount provides by the website. You can get the best giveaways or offers by taking part in the discussion forums on the website.

Top 9. TechTipLib Techtiplib not only provides the full version of the software for free but also offers the free software giveaways which are valid up to a month. However, you need to like and follow the TechTipLib pages on social media to get access to this website.

It is a source for both software and knowledge about trending gadgets and systems. Top Most I Want Most I Want is a proper free software download website which has a good database of paid software.

It contains almost all categories of software which includes Utilities, video and image software, security software, games and many more. Apart from these, you can also get a free license to software giveaways from this website. It has a wonderful interface with simple and interactive tabs.

The user can also access its Google custom search for getting the solution to their queries. Malware Tips As the name suggests, Malware Tips is actually for the content regarding reviews, technology, malware, virus and other phishing websites, but it has also emerged as a platform where you can get free software and giveaways.

You can use this website to resolve your problems regarding giveaways and other technical issues. Bottom Line Obviously, not all the free full version software sites are safe to browse. So, make sure to confirm the hosting site and other description before making a move. Overall, these websites are very beneficial for getting free software and its giveaways for a particular period. In this way, you can get access to the desired software legally.

You can join giveaways forums and other software forums to check promo and discounts. Also, you can acquire more knowledge about software and other applications which will help you to select the best for you.

Kindly share your favorite websites for downloads paid apps for free in the comment. Related Articles.

Top 2. Giveaway of the Day

So here we go: The best free alternatives out there happen to be Linux distros with Ubuntu a head above the pack. Ubuntu has clean OS X-like looks, is easy to use and has extensive software repositories to choose from. Our pick nonetheless would have to be Linux Mint. Intelligent services rely on structured data to provide rich experiences — so you need to ensure the data about your brand is structured in a way these services understand.

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or unlicensing of software that comes out to be usually cheap or free of cost. Following are some of the dangers of using a pirated software: Risk #1. In an attempt to download a pirated software, you may land up on. If you weren’t already aware of it, there are several websites that offer a free download of paid software, but mostly all of them are distributing pirated software. You found our secret bitcoin address! 34zDcJftTVo2XFs6y1HwrhpLFDNncqukTa.

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