12 of the Best Plugin Alliance Plugins on the Market

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The plugin can be used on voices in post production, synth in music production, as well as bass, guitars, drum room mics, vocals, etc. It adaptively extracts the diffuse sound in the mono input signal to create an upmix signal. As the diffuse sound should always be reproduced decorrelated on different stereo channels, the up-mixed signal sounds more natural than the original mono track.
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Plugin Alliance Millenia Twincom TCL-2 Plugin Review

In some situations, you can even add cheaper plugins to your cart, which will discount your bundle below your previous total. The plugins a part of this list are tools that I use regularly. Each one of these plugins is free to download and demo for 14 days, so you can test them out for yourself! Start crafting mixes that sound rich, full, loud, big, and punchy, all without altering the peak level running into the HG This unit allows you to make use of four different vacuum tube stages combined in series.

It also uses parallel circuits to color your sound with additional harmonic content. The HG-2 has separate gain controls for its pentode and triode tubes, and a particularly useful Density knob that lets you drive both tubes harder without changing the relative balance of either knob. The HG-2 definitely has a signature sound, but it provides a wide variety of tones, which is what you want from a quality color box. It has 11 bands with various filter types including parametric bells, high- and low-shelves, and high- and low-passes.

Also included in this EQ are imaging, monitoring, and metering sections that make it perfect for mastering. New to version 3 is a high-frequency band that reaches up to 40 kHz, a dynamic EQ module, API-style Proportional Q filters, and six notch filters in total.

There are Bass and Presence shifters which apply one of three different tilt filters. This device has a transparent sound thanks to its minimum phase design that reduces phase shift and frequency masking. The thing I like about this limiter is that it allows you to apply gain reduction without simultaneously increasing the output level of your signal.

I might have a thick vocal stack summing together that I need to control somehow. This acts to tame any transients that result from the individual tracks summing together, making setting the level of my vocal buss against other busses slightly easier. Beyond the halfway mark, you can expect tones more useful for creative sound design.

Other plugins can do the exact same thing, but I just happened to prefer how this device is laid out. This allows me to quickly refer to essential track information without disrupting my workflow.

The issue is that, depending on the device or technique you use, you can run into phase issues. Phase issues are something to look out for any time you start widening elements in your mix.

Even if your mix sounds great in stereo, when the left and right channels sum together through mono playback systems, your mix may not hit as hard as you had intended, or you may experience complete phase cancelation silence. One of my favorite features on this plugin is the Mono-Freq knob. It allows you to keep your low-end in mono, up to Hz, and then spread the frequency content above the crossover point you’ve selected.

This plugin seeks to emulate its analog counterpart built in that was created with components supplied by Solid State Logic SSL. I find this compressor has a somewhat warm sound, but it still manages to maintain the punch and shimmering top-end of the signal that you run through it. It works well on synths, pianos, guitars, drums, and full mixes. However, not very many limiters allow you to compress your mid-highs, mid lows, and sides independent of one another.

It will allow you to make broad EQ adjustments, affecting wide frequency ranges. In most cases, it actually has quite a desirable sound. Its controls more than subtly indicate what the device is intended for: Attack times range from 0. This compressor provides oversampling, selectable feedforward and feedback designs, sidechain filters, parallel compression, soft clip limiters, and warm modes that are modeled after the switchable Transformer circuits of the hardware unit.

All around, this is an excellent, semi-versatile mastering compressor that will suit a wide array of mixes. It applies many different forms of processing, based on your input signal, to enhance your vocals or other instruments.

This has what I would describe as a slightly more aggressive, and heavily weighted sound than the previously mentioned Townhouse Buss Compressor. I could see this compressor performing quite well on a Rock mix as well. When you set the ratio of this compressor to Engaging the SC Filters will allow the compressor to breathe a little bit, and not respond so aggressively. The VSM-3 has two independent virtual circuits, that provide two kinds of color, ranging from subtle to heavy distortion.

Engaging the 2nd Harmonic FET Crusher will result in warm, rich saturation, and engaging the 3rd Harmonic Zener Blender will result in bright, clear saturation. Like other plugins on this list, you can apply processing to the entire stereo signal, mid signal, or side signal.

The VSM-3 provides you with enough control to make use of it at a mastering level, and it also serves up enough features to use it in your mix. It sounds great on drums, bass, synths, and anything else that could benefit from some sizzling saturation. Conclusion Whether you mix and master your own music, or do work for others, the tools in this list are going to help simplify and streamline your workflow.

Each one of these plugins is free to download from the Plugin Alliance website, and you can demo each product for 14 days. Spend some time with these plugins and figure out which ones work for you. I want to invite you to join me in the Black Ghost Audio group on Facebook; it’s full of producers currently working in the music industry who are more than happy to help you improve your productions. Leave a comment below if you have any questions regarding this article.

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SPL: IRON Mastering Compressor

Originally Posted by Muddy-T I like it a lot. Minor flaws not withstanding. Especially in its -intended- role as a mastering compressor. I’m not sure I’ll use it much on individual tracks or buses. T Mike’s video is really good. Something I’m trying to wrap my head around with is eq’ing the sidechain. I understand low pass and high pass filtering so the comp doesn’t pay attention to the filtered freqs.

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The hardware Mäag EQ4 may not be something you have heard of but you have certainly heard it. Used and cherished by a selection of top. The Twincom is an Optical Compressor with Mid/Side capability. It offers Class A Tube and J-FET modeling. It has your typical compressor. The recent announcement of Plugin Alliance’s Pick Pack rent to buy offer got any 10 plug-ins from the Plugin Alliance catalogue and after 29 months, When I reviewed this I particularly liked the midrange response and the.

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