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One of the less typical use cases are for digitizing documents. You are no doubt here because you fit into one of those use cases. Worry not because we can help.
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In addition to the entertainment features, it is an indispensable tool for exchanging information in learning or working. Previously, to make a copy of a page of a document, you need to use a big and expensive scanner. CamScanner is a leading application that helps users to have quality documents copies. So why is this application needed while being able to save the document by default? Because one advantage of CamScanner that the users appreciate the most is the ability to produce high-quality images.

Even if the phone has the most advanced camera available today, they still have problems with text capturing. These photos are often difficult to read, especially when you print them out. CamScanner is a perfect solution for document photos. By smart algorithms, the application removes unnecessary details to make the document clearer. The feature of saving images in black and white is also impressive, which may be as equal as a professional scanner.

CamScanner Pro is a paid version of the application, bringing exclusive features and completely removing ads. Some must-have applications on Android that we have introduced: The scanning document will sharper. Photography does not always take place at favorable conditions.

So, the application has integrated a smart shooting angle adjustment feature, which will help the text displaying clearly. Optical character recognition OCR feature helps to turn the images into text for copying or editing. The application allows users to select any text or all of the writing on the image. Data synchronization on the cloud helps users access them anywhere. In the premium version, users get 10GB of free cloud storage and unlimited folders files created.

Easy sharing The sharing button displayed in the top bar makes it easier for users to manipulate. The app supports sharing via Bluetooth, Email, Social networks, uploading to cloud memory, sending Faxes, … Smart photo taking Unlike other scanning applications, users do not need to capture documents first with the phone application and then process with the software.

CamScanner has integrated the capturing feature. Image quality is very good even when not processed. Moreover, the application also supports many advanced photographic features to help increase the user experience. You should choose the right type of document before capturing to ensure the best quality. They are listed through the list below: No ads: The Pro version of the application has completely removed ads so you can experience without any inconvenience.

Set password: You can set a password for the file before sending it. You can create collages for many different text pages. It is also for anyone who wants to convert real documents into multimedia files and send them via email.

The application can work well on most Android devices. You only need a device running OS at least 4. If you want to receive this application, please follow the instructions below: Download the archive file we provided, then save it to any folder in your device. Use an extracting application to open the file you downloaded.

You get 2 APK files. First, install the CamScanner-v5. All done! You can open the app and check the license. Important note: If your device notifies you that the downloaded file is malicious. You can install it without any harm to the device. Conclusion CamScanner makes it easier and faster to exchange and share documents.

Previously, documents were saved by taking ordinary photos. At present, with this application, you get clearer and more professional quality images.

This is the reason why the application has always been voted by many well-known technology magazines as the best scanning application for mobile devices. Select the version.

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Also adding customizedwatermarks are made available to mark your own documents. In addition, OCR for Search helpsyou find texts inside image and notes. Just enter one keyword, youcan quickly find the document you want. Just sign in to any smartphone, tablet orcomputer visit www. Registrants only Premium SubscriptionService: Batch download PDF files in web app 3.

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6 days ago CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator. Promotion!! Refer friends to CamScanner, get free Premium. The world’s No. 1 mobile document scanning. Smart Scan Pro PDF Scanner Full APK: In this article, we want to introduce you with a low-volume application for converting your Android. CamScanner is one of the most popular documents scanning applications today. Currently, the application is available in more than

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