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Clicking on the Download Now Visit Site button above will open a connection to a third-party site. Although already a solid balance-keeper and financial assistant in previous versions, Quicken adds a few new features to visualize your monthly budget and assets. We evaluated Quicken Deluxe Installation was painless up to the point when the software junked up our desktop with four icons: Features Quicken’s core features continue doing what they’ve done for years: Not just a simple ledger for balancing your bank book, Quicken’s additional tools also help alert you to upcoming bills and to your overall budget.

The Quicken product line gets a prettied-up interface that provides an at-a-glance summary of your finances. In the edition, Intuit has applied some cosmetic changes that streamline and simplify the software. One change is a sleeker setup wizard to guide you through the process of importing your financial information, adding bill reminders, and setting up budgets.

This wizard is moot if you’re a returning user importing years of data from past Quicken versions, but new users will have an easier time getting started with this version than in years past.

A cleaner-looking home screen greets new and returning users, summarizing your financial standing in a glance. Pared-down navigation options also make it easier to find what you need. The most active new feature in Quicken takes a stab at automatically categorizing your transactions, like assigning Safeway to the Groceries category and your doctor’s visits to the Medical category, with a little help from you if there’s any doubt. In implementing this feature, Quicken plays catch-up to savvier online management apps, like Mint.

A new infographic in Quicken also helps you avoid late fees by displaying both how much cash is left in your coffers and which upcoming bills you should brace for. Apart from the bill reminder and the autocategorization, it’s Quicken’s top layer, and select tools, that see the benefit of Quicken’s design changes.

Scratch the surface, however, and many of the app’s second-tier tools–text-heavy calculators, planners, and lists with tiny font–feel as if they haven’t been updated for years. The old-school layout may not bother legacy users or those who aren’t put off by blocks of texts and charts, but others who have come to expect graphic representation of their data and clean design–say, the likes of former competitor Mint.

As with past versions, Quicken Deluxe pulls in financial data from your banks and savings accounts. There are tools to create graphs and reports to itemize spending and banking, and to plot transactions on a calendar. There’s also a debt reduction planner and a tax-planning wizard. Quicken could use a few more online social Net links, too, such as an option to sync reminders to an online calendar.

Intuit isn’t blind to consumers’ changing expectations in management software, online or offline. Quicken ‘s refurbished look does help, and conservatives who feel more comfortable keeping monetary details stored locally on their PCs rather than encrypted in the cloud lose nothing by downloading a free trial.

For strictly online users with only personal finances not investments, property, or small businesses , Intuit offers a free, online version that’s similar to Mint. Quicken Online has budgeting, tracking, and reminders, encryption, an iPhone component, and the added capability to prep the data for tax time, assuming you also use one of Intuit’s TurboTax products.

If you’ve used Quicken before, you can import data from previous years. The same goes for anyone switching over from Microsoft Money. With Microsoft Money killed off additional details , Quicken is the best desktop alternative. Some tools, like the bill reminder, are still a tad clunky. Service and support Quicken support is unchanged from previous years.

E-mail support is free, and Intuit promises to respond within a day. Chat help is also free and is available However, some support calls are free, such as if you’re having problems installing the program or converting data from earlier Quicken versions. Overall Quicken Deluxe remains a useful, if not exciting, management app equipped with rich balancing and budgeting tools.

As for the future of Quicken , Intuit’s recent acquisition of flashy online finance manager Mint. Mint’s exciting visual style could also draw younger users to future versions of Quicken, assuming Intuit goes that route, making future versions of the classic, but dated, money manager truly fresh.

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Posted in Other by admin On April 28, Gone are the days when you needed to have different account on multiple websites, which multiple passwords that you can easily forget. Intuit has experience of 3 decades with accounting softwares, so you can never go wrong with them. It will show you how much money you can spend or save. You will have control over all of your finances, including:

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