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I formatted the flash drive I used for my Mac data recovery app roundup , and copied the same set of test files back. The apps with the highest file count listed files with the same name several times, and some included folders in the count. I ran the apps on a version of Windows 10 installed in Parallels Desktop on my Mac.
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R-Studio Data Recovery Software 6.2

I formatted the flash drive I used for my Mac data recovery app roundup , and copied the same set of test files back. The apps with the highest file count listed files with the same name several times, and some included folders in the count. I ran the apps on a version of Windows 10 installed in Parallels Desktop on my Mac. This may have artificially inflated some of the scan times. The Mac version scanned the same drive in just eight minutes.

How fast are the scans? Some of the easier apps took longer to scan, and more complex apps can shave time of scans by allowing extra configuration options. Value for Money Here are the costs of each app, sorted from cheapest to most expensive: Recuva Pro: The Winners Most Affordable: Recuva Professional Recuva Professional is a good but basic Windows data recovery program that will cost you either nothing or not much.

Features at a glance: Pause and resume scans: No Preview files: Yes Bootable recovery disk: But it can perform quick scans and deep scans on your drives to locate lost files. However, it does require several extra mouse clicks to start a scan when compared with Stellar Data Recovery.

When it came to choosing where to scan, there was no easy way to select my USB flash drive. Like most Windows data recovery software, Recuva can rapidly find recently deleted files with a quick scan. To run a deep scan, a checkbox needs to be clicked. By comparison, Disk Drill located the fewest number of files: Scan speeds were average.

In my own test, Recuva was only a little slower than the fastest scans. If you need to get some files back, Recuva will do it with a high chance of success for free, or very cheaply. Get Recuva Pro Easiest to Use: Stellar Data Recovery 8 for Windows Stellar Data Recovery Pro for Windows is the easiest-to-use app we reviewed and boasts well-above-average results in scanning tests.

Recommended easy-to-use alternatives: Have you lost your crucial data and unable to recover it? Try out Stellar Data Recovery Professional, a powerful software to recover data from all types of Windows devices — PCs, laptops, ultrabooks etc.

The DIY professional Windows data recovery software gets back all your valuable documents, emails, photos, videos, and audio files, quickly and easily from your workstation. Yes, but is not always available Preview files: Yes, but not during scans Bootable recovery disk: Yes Stellar Data Recovery has a good balance between ease-of-use and successful data recovery, and this combination has made it a popular app with users and other reviewers.

Scans will often take longer with this app. Ease of Use: There are just two steps to start a scan: What type of files do you want to recover? Where do you want to scan? Was the file on your main drive or a USB flash drive?

Was it on the Desktop, or in your Documents folder? Again, being specific will make scans faster. In our review of version 7. Unfortunately, each time I tried to pause a scan I was notified: This happened with the Mac version as well. The app did offer to save the scan results for future use at the end of each scan. Despite being easy to use, Stellar Data Recovery performs very well. In his testing of the app for our review, JP found the app powerful at recovering deleted files and identifying many types of files from his Mac.

According to DigiLabs Inc, it has better help and support, and performed just as well in many tests. On the other hand, scans were slower, and some test results were poorer, including the recovery of very large files and recovering from a formatted hard drive.

Stellar Data Recovery is very easy to use, and boasts excellent recovery results. After clicking a few simple buttons and sleeping on it, you have a solid chance of recovering your files.

R-Studio for Windows R-Studio 8 for Windows is a powerful data recovery tool developed for experienced data recovery professionals. It boasts a proven track record of successful data recovery, powered by all the features an expert would expect. Those features are highly configurable, adding complexity, but giving you complete control. Yes Preview files: Yes R-Studio is widely accepted as the most powerful data recovery app available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

The Data Recovery Digest put seven leading apps through a barrage of tests last year, and R-Studio came out on top. Their conclusion: Shows the best results in almost every category.

A must-have for any data recovery professional. R-Studio is clearly designed for data recovery specialists and the interface can be confusing for inexperienced users. R-Studio includes more features than most of the competition, supports a wide range of file systems, can recover data from local disks, removable disks, and heavily corrupted disks. The developer lists a helpful overview of the features here. In industry tests, R-Studio consistently produced the best results.

And although it has a reputation for slow scans, it often completed scans faster than the competition. R-Studio had the highest rating for recovering files from an emptied recycle bin ratings tied with Active File Recovery. R-Studio had the highest rating for recovering files after a disk reformat.

R-Studio consistently shows top results in industry standard tests. If you are looking for the app most likely to recover the maximum amount of data, choose R-Tools.

Not sure if the winners are for you? Check out the alternatives below, both paid and free data recovery software are included. It lacks disk imaging and a recovery disk, useful features offered by two of our winners. Read our full review here. Yes In his review, Victor Corda found that the scans tended to be slow, but successful. The app successfully recovered the data in each of his tests, and he concluded that this is one of the best recovery apps he has used.

I agree. I imagine it would be a close race, though Stellar wins on the number of features offered. No Just a few steps are required to begin a scan. You decide whether to recover files or a drive, choose the drive, then choose a quick or deep scan. That question is asked in a non-technical way: Finally, you choose the file types you would like to search for. According to DigiLab, Recover My Files performed well with quick scans, restoring formatted drives and deleted partitions.

It did have problems recovering large files and corrupted file systems. Scans were often slow, which was my experience as well. R-Studio restored them all. While the app is a little slow to open, a scan can be started in just two clicks: Yes, images and doc files only Bootable recovery disk: No Data Recovery Digest compared the app with six others and found it performed well: One of the best sets of supported file systems. Very good file recovery performance.

It can display images and Word documents, but no more. It scored above average for standard file recovery features, and average for the advanced features. In terms of its effectiveness, it scored reasonably well in restoring deleted files, even after the Recycle Bin had been emptied, and restoring formatted disks, damaged partitions, and deleted partitions. Recovery Explorer Standard It feels easier to use than R-Studio, is less expensive, and was the fastest app in my test.

But beginners may find it intimidating. Very good data recovery performance, always among the top scores. This app has most of the features of R-Studio, and scores well in industry tests. What brought the overall score down was its poor performance when restoring RAID arrays, something the average user may never need.

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RAID6 disk arrays and also reverse RAID arrays get full support here; this is useful for companies that like to use two drives to use a second as a mirror of the data stored on the first one for backup and data redundancy. File recovery can be performed at any time and recovered files can be saved to local drives, network drives or even over the internet to a remote site. The screen that follows is a strong warning in red lettering to avoid installing the software to the same disk. An Options button is there to receive more detailed information about the issue before proceeding. At least A default install folder is displayed and the user has the choice to change this to a more suitable location for them. A Start menu shortcut is then proposed, and then the true installation can be completed.

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its demo version and recover unlimited data through its full version. Functionality: R Studio Vs Stellar Windows Data Recovery – Free. R-Studio, free download. Review of R-Studio Data Recovery Software. restrictions and is not necessarily the full version of this software. Download R-Studio for Windows PC from FileHorse. % Safe and Secure ✓ Free Download (bit/bit) Latest Version Latest Version: In addition to being a full-featured data recovery utility, R Studio also.

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