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The live, associative and bi-directional nature of the connection enables users to build versatile workflows and utilize the connection in multiple scenarios — using both Apple Mac OS or Microsoft Windows operating systems. In projects where the design is primarily determined by using the Rhino-Grasshopper toolset, users can apply the GH-AC Connection to convert the design into a full BIM model and still retain some of the algorithmic editing capabilities. This allows designers to maintain the basic design logic in BIM such as the base geometry of the building and extend that with intelligent design details that follow changes in the core design. A simple example is demonstrated in the video below, where building survey data about the built environment is being used to re-create the building information model of an urban environment after a recent earthquake in Italy. Urban Deconstruction:
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Rhino vectors and photos – free graphic resources

Free Textures The right textures can take your rendering from lifelike to astounding. And there are a lot of resources out there were you can find high quality, free textures that will take your model to the next level.

Why textures are important to architectural design: The ground floor of this beautiful Revit project already catches the eye, but free textures can make it pop even more. I downloaded just four free textures from the above websites, a wood floor, a plaster texture, a wallpaper and some tiles, and quickly applied them. Take a look at the results: Applying textures, in this case especially the wood floor texture, gives the room a more authentic feel.

And the tile backsplash in the kitchen livens the scene up immediately. A living room and kitchen area without any applied textures. The same space with five textures applied to the walls and floor. Where to find: All of the available textures and maps are licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 License, so you use them however you like, even commercially. The textures are available at high resolutions, many with sizes of up to px, allowing for detailed surfaces. He offers free seamless textures with diffuse, normal, displacement, occlusion, specularity and roughness maps.

The quality is great, and you have the option to download all of the maps together in a ZIP file, or just download the one you need. Their website is incredibly easy to navigate: With one click you can download a ZIP file containing diffuse, bump and specular maps. However, the textures they do have are high quality, and spread across a wide range of categories. The only drawback here is that you have to register an account to download the textures, and you are restricted as to how many you can download per day.

When you have registered your account, you receive 15 credits every 24 hours, and with these credits you can download small and medium sized images. Every night at midnight, your credit number resets itself to They mainly have wood, marble, and flooring textures, but they are high quality, seamless images. You do have to have to be logged in to a Facebook account to download the textures, but beyond that there is no additional sign-up required.

Entourage and Accessories 3D models, entourage elements and RPCs are invaluable for creating realistic renderings, and they will take your projects to the next level. This covers everything from plants to trees, knick-knacks, furniture, people, and everything in between. Your project will impress based on its architectural beauty alone, but when you add these extra elements, your clients will really be able to see themselves in the scenes!

Why entourage and accessories are important to architectural design: In the below pictures, I have added some furniture to the model to make it more realistic.

Furniture already transforms the space, but what really elevate a scene are the little things that make up daily life, the glasses and books and vases that make a space look lived in: It is important to take a little time and care when placing your entourage.

Try to skew and rotate the objects to make them look more natural; almost no one lives in a home that is always perfectly in order! An empty architectural space becomes… … a realistic living space decorated entirely with free models. Where to find free entourage and accessories: It houses an enormous library of free content, with varying quality.

A lot of users complain that overall, the quality of the models in the Warehouse is not high enough, however I have had a lot of success by searching for collections, instead of models. You will find a little bit of everything here: However, this is something I can personally get over pretty quickly, as the amount of free, quality models is just amazing.

Sure, there are a lot of banner ads, but the categories are easy to navigate and each category has hundreds of models to choose from. On the one hand, they have hundreds, maybe even thousands of lovely 3D models available for free. You have to register an account to download them, but after that you can choose from up to 10 different file formats and download the models with one click.

For example, I searched for free plant models, and only 15 of the 30 shown options were actually free. But if you can get over this, you will find nice, high quality models!

At box. The very cool thing about pCon. Not only that, but you can immediately customize your models to the fabric and materials you want to use. And, you can add multiple 3D models to the modeling space, arrange them how you would like, and export them as a group. They have models from over brands, organized in a pretty smooth category system. You can navigate by object type, brand, or even file type.

You do have to register an account to download anything, but this is a small price to pay for the amount of quality models made available. You do have to register an account, or log in using your Google, Facebook or LinkedIn account. You can browse models by category, brand or project type residential or commercial.

What is particularly cool about Modlar is that you can save, or essentially bookmark, 3D models to download later. On the other hand, the amount of content specifically for Revit is overwhelming, and there are some cool features, like being able to comment on models and start conversations with other users.

You can also rate the models. To download, comment or rate, you have to register a free account. Your office might be perfectly decorated, but until there are workers milling about, the scene lacks that certain something. Take the scene from one your client likes, to one they can imagine themselves in.

Finding quality 3D people can be challenging, so check out some of the sources below as a jumping off-point. Why 3D People are important to architectural design: One last step is to add some 3D people to the scene. I just quickly copied and pasted some characters out of the Enscape RPC sample project, and check out the results! Carefully consider which people models to add to your project. In the best case scenario, you want it to look like they are interacting with your scene, not just dropped into it.

To maximize this effect, look for models that are naturally placed, for example, holding a phone or taking a step. Placing RPCs turns this from an empty house… … to a family affair. Where to find free 3D people: You do have to sign up for a free account. There are few free resources that reach the quality of Archvision. It has a selection of ten 3D people to choose from. IES stands for Illuminating Engineering Society, which created a file format to transfer photometric data via the internet.

Today the format is widely used by lighting manufacturers. This means that if you know which lighting product you are going to use for a project, you can check whether there is an IES profile available for that product, and give your model a huge dose of reality.

IES light files are created and made available by many major lighting manufacturers and can usually be downloaded from their website at no cost. Why IES Lights are important to architectural design: Here is what our developing model looks like in the evening and at night with some added IES lights. But much more importantly, carefully placing your lights adds accuracy to your scene. Using IES profiles, you can give them an accurate picture of the atmosphere in their new home at any given time.

IES light profiles let your model shine at any time of day. Where to find free IES lights: You can access them all for free using their Philips Photometric Database. If you know which product you are using, you can search for that specific IES profile. However, what is so great about the tool is that you can search by light fixture, and see which lighting options are available for that fixture.

Once you have selected your product, you can download the IES profile directly to your computer. They offer well over IES profiles. You can either find the specific profile you are looking for and just download that file, or download a ZIP archive of all available files. On their website, you can search their product catalog and download ZIP files containing IES profiles for entire product families. Browse their extensive catalog, and then download the corresponding light profiles for over light fixtures directly from their website.

Trees and Vegetation Trees and vegetation are important to ground your scene in reality, inside and out. Whether it is placing potted plants in the lobby of an office building, or adding trees to the exterior of your model, vegetation makes your scenes more dynamic and authentic. We are so used to seeing nature elements in our everyday lives that it is immediately apparent when they are missing from a rendering.

Take a look at some of the websites below and find the plants that are just right for you. Why trees and vegetation are important to architectural design: As you can see in our model below, adding tree and vegetation especially to the outside of your model can make all the difference. Without trees, this scene is rather stark… … but, add a little vegetation, and it really blooms!

Where to find free trees and vegetation: He now has nearly 2D and 3D vegetation models available. Cgtrader Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, ArchiCAD — Sign-Up Required Cgtrader was also already mentioned in the section about entourage, but I wanted to repeat it below because it has some really nice vegetation models, especially houseplants.

They have six collections available for download, with a wide array of variety. There is a really nice palm tree collection, and a collection that has some bare trees, if you are going for a more wintery effect.

Application has a great amount of tools for 3D modeling!

Free Textures The right textures can take your rendering from lifelike to astounding. And there are a lot of resources out there were you can find high quality, free textures that will take your model to the next level. Why textures are important to architectural design: The ground floor of this beautiful Revit project already catches the eye, but free textures can make it pop even more. I downloaded just four free textures from the above websites, a wood floor, a plaster texture, a wallpaper and some tiles, and quickly applied them.

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