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I cannot download RoboForm. What should I do? Use Download Troubleshooter to determine what happened:
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I cannot download RoboForm. What should I do? Use Download Troubleshooter to determine what happened: A corrupted version of the RoboForm installer file got stuck in your browser’s cache. You should clean up your browser’s cache and try to download again. You may have a virus that modifies every downloaded file. RoboForm installer checks its integrity and it complains if it sees that the file was changed. Please check your computer for viruses and perform necessary disinfection.

EXE files but cannot perform it. A quick fix is to right-click the “Direct Download” link on www. Should I uninstall old RoboForm version before installing the new version? Just install the new version over the old version. Currently updates to an existing version, such as updating from version 6. However major upgrades, such as upgrading from version 6. We use mass installer to install RoboForm. How to do it correctly? Mass installs are addressed by RoboForm Enterprise. My Passcards, Identities and Safenotes disappeared.

How do I get them back? Most likely, they are not lost. You just need to find them on your hard drive and tell RoboForm where they are. Find your Passcard files on your hard drives: RFN for Safenotes. Tell RoboForm where the files you found are: How can I revert to the old version of RoboForm? You can get these older version here: How can I uninstall RoboForm? If RoboForm the embedded uninstaller does not work, click this link: RoboForm Uninstaller. It will download and run a file that will uninstall RoboForm.

If you did not close all browser windows when uninstalling RoboForm then the file RoboForm. However, you can reboot and remove the file manually. RoboForm Pro Licensing Q: How does licensing work for RoboForm?

That is, one license is required for every computer where you install RoboForm. Second license is sold at big discount to make RoboForm affordable for one user with two computers.

If you use RoboForm only on one computer, get 1 RoboForm license, it is the cheapest. If you have 2 computers that belong to you, buy 2 RoboForm licenses, 2 Desktop licenses cost the same as 1 RoboForm2Go license but provide more flexibility. If you have 3 or more computers, you can either buy a RoboForm Desktop license for each computer or one RoboForm2Go license that covers all these computers.

Note though that with RoboForm license all computers can have different sets of RoboForm Passcards but with RoboForm2Go license you must have only one set of RoboForm Passcards that you must physically move between your computers using a removable disk.

I lost RoboForm2Go License. Both of these cause loss of license, so you will have to reactivate RoboForm2Go by going to http: RoboForm used to be free and now it asks to upgrade to the Pro. What is going on? Free version of RoboForm has certain limitations, most significant of them is that you can have 10 Passcards or less in free version. How to get around these limitations: You can view, edit and delete all Passcards and identities even after the trial period is over, only automated form filling and logins do not work.

I lost my RoboForm Pro status because of Windows reinstall. How do I get it back? Use our Pro Activator. Upon finding you in the database the system will perform activation of RoboForm Pro on your computer. RoboForm tells me that my activations were exceeded. If you activated RoboForm Pro on more computers than is allowed by your license s , you should buy additional licenses for additional computers at http: I bought more one license. How do I install 2nd and other licenses?

If you need to activate RoboForm Pro on more than one computer and you purchased sufficient number of licenses: If the Locator finds you in the database, the activation will happen automatically. Can I add 2nd license for discounted price if I bought the first license before? Yes, you can. This is how to buy additional licenses and pay the discounted price: How can I determine whether RoboForm Pro is activated?

Where can I find a copy of the Software License Agreement? You can find a copy of the Software License Agreement here. RoboForm Desktop Troubleshooter Q: RoboForm does not attach to my browser. There are several reasons why RoboForm cannot attach to your browser. This simple troubleshooter will help you to determine the cause of the problem and how to fix it. You are using a browser in which RoboForm does not work.

If your browser is not in this list, contact us and we will add it, if it is possible. You did not install RoboForm in this Windows account. RoboForm must be installed in each Windows account that wants to use it. Your Limited Windows account is not allowed to install software.

Change your account type to Power user or Administrator, these users are allowed to install software. You will have to login to Administrator and change your account privileges. Limited user can only install a limited version of RoboForm that requires presence of RoboForm Taskbar icon to operate.

If RoboForm “forgot” where your Passcard files are located, you can find them using this advice. You may be using an old or buggy version of RoboForm. The first thing to do is to upgrade to the latest official version available for download at download page.

RoboForm2Go does not attach to my browser. RoboForm2Go does not yet attach to Chrome or Opera. You closed RoboForm2Go taskbar icon. You may be using an old or buggy version of RoboForm2Go. How to get a clean install of RoboForm Desktop after things got messed up? If things got really messed up you are getting E08 error message, or a notice about double RF DLLs , you can get a clean start by doing this sequence: It will clean out all remnants of old RoboForm versions.

When uninstalling, you must Logoff and then Login to switch from one account to another, you cannot use Windows Switch command. RoboForm2Go installation and operation Q: How to get a clean install of RoboForm2Go after things got messed up? You can get a clean start by doing this sequence: Remember to back up this folder before deletion, as it stores your RoboForm2Go Passcards and other user files.

Reformat your USB drive if you experienced input-output errors. How can I change the name and icon of my portable USB disk? Also you have to change it in file “autorun. Unofficially you can set USB drive into a mode where disk cache will not be used, so you can pull out any time without stopping: If you are using OS other than Windows 7: My USB disk is not recognized by Windows when inserted?

How to fix this? RoboForm2Go works with Portable Firefox. Use these instructions to add RoboForm to Portable Firefox.

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Use these instructions to add RoboForm to Portable Firefox. .. and Passcard files, they will have to crack one of these encryption algorithm without knowing the. all be unique. Your computer can remember them for you with RoboForm. Good passwords are hard to crack and hard to remember. .. RoboForm also has a portable version which can be installed on a USB thumbdrive. particularly if you want to use strong logins that are difficult to crack. RoboForm claims to be the best password manager in the world, and not The password manager features a portable installation, allowing it to run.

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