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These days, various new highlights analyses are included in a versatile analysis. Stata is a complete factual programming bundle for use in research and development. Stata offers an extensive variety of excellent factual statistical method in all controls. Particularly researchers from the fields of human science, financial matters, political and sociologies, and additionally the study of disease transmission and other medical disciplines find what they require in Stata.
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With this message, we announce Stata Downloads are available now. Shipped copies begin shipping today. And of course, you can obtain your copy at our website. Stata 15 is remarkable for its sheer size. I’ll list some highlights here and make some snappy comments, but I make about 20 pages of comments on the blog entry I am about to post, which will be a record. The most thorough coverage, of course, is at the Stata 15 features page at the stata.

Here are sixteen of the highlights: Extended regression. It fits continuous, binary, ordered responses with 1 endogenous covariates, 2 endogenous Heckman-style selection, and 3 endogenous treatment effects. This command does a lot and is easy to use. Latent class analysis.

Binary outcomes. Ordinal outcomes. Continuous outcomes latent profile analysis. Even incorporate latent classes in path models. Bayesian prefix command. You can now type -bayes: And multilevel models are among them!

Dynamic stochastic general equilibrium DSGE models. Fit structural macro models based on theory with lots of equations. Graph impulse-response functions afterward. Markdown for Stata. You can now combine Markdown text with executable Stata code to produce web containing prose, Stata output, parts of Stata output, and graphs. By parts, we mean you can write a sentence such as “The F statistic is Nonlinear mixed-effects models.

Because some problems are just not linear in the parameters. Spatial autoregressive models SAR. Download shapefiles from the web, merge with your geographic-based data, and fit your SAR models with cross-sectional or panel data. Interval-censored parametric survival-time models. For when you only know a time when subjects have not yet failed and another when they have already failed.

Finite mixture models FMMs. The new -fmm: You mix one or more regression models using any of 17 existing estimation commands. Mixed logit models. Discrete choice models with random coefficients, meaning you can relax the IIA assumption. Nonparametric regression. Our implementation uses kernel methods. Bootstrap standard errors. Graph slices after fitting. Predict derivatives or levels. Power analysis for cluster-randomized designs CRDs and for regression models.

You can now add your own power and sample-size methods too. Word and PDF documents. Stata’s colors used to be fully opaque, which is to say, not-at-all transparent. Now you can change them so that you can see what’s underneath. Support means a database system that can even manage codes from different versions in one file! Louis Federal Reserve Bank. You should register. It’s free and easy. If you do, Stata can browse, search, and assemble datasets for you.

I’ll stop, but the following are most certainly highlights too: Bayesian multilevel models Panel-data tobit with random coefficients Multilevel regression for interval-measured outcomes Multilevel tobit regression for censored outcomes Panel data cointegration tests Tests for multiple breaks in time series Multiple-group generalized SEM Poisson models with Heckman-style sample selection Panel-data nonlinear models with random coefficients Bayesian panel-data models Panel-data interval regression with random coefficients SVG export.

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