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Announcing Windows Community Toolkit v5.0

October 31, In addition, version 5. NET Standard Weibo service, new. NET Framework support for the Twitter and LinkedIn service, and many new bug fixes and feature updates to existing controls and helpers. The control is currently available as a developer preview today and we encourage developers to try it out in their own prototype code. Make sure to visit the documentation to learn more about how the new control works and how to add UWP UI to your desktop apps.

These controls wrap the interface and functionality of a specific UWP platform control. These controls can be added directly to the design surface of a WPF or Windows Forms project and can be used like any other control. With this release, the following controls are available: WebView — a control that uses the Microsoft Edge rendering engine — supported on Windows 10 April update and above WebViewCompatible — a control that provides a version of WebView that is compatible with more OS versions.

The control uses the WebView control on OS versions that support it and the Internet Explorer rendering engine otherwise, even on Windows 8 and Windows 7. InkCanvas and InkToolbar — wrapper around the UWP WinkCanvas and InkToolbar controls to enable Ink based user interaction — supported on Windows 10 October update and above MediaPlayerElement — wrapper around the UWP MediaPlayerElement to stream and render media content such as video — supported on Windows 10 October update and above MapControl — wrapper around the UWP MapControl control to display and interact with rich Map content — supported on Windows 10 October update and above As with the WindowsXamlHost control, these controls are currently available as a developer preview and we encourage developers to try them out in their own prototype code.

The TabView control allows you to provide a rich Tab experience, with support for fully customizing the behavior, built in support for closing tabs, drag and drop and more.

Make sure to visit the documentation and checkout the sample in the sample app. Weibo service With only few lines of code, developers can now easily retrieve or publish data to the very popular Weibo social platform.

The service is built on. NET Framework, Xamarin and more. PostStatusAsync StatusText. Twitter and LinkedIn. NET Framework support In version 4. NET Standard. In this new release, the community continued to improve the cross platform experience by building the. Get started today There is a lot more updates than we can cover in this blog post, so make sure to read the release notes.

As a reminder, you can get started by following this tutorial , or preview the latest features by installing the Windows Community Toolkit Sample App from the Microsoft Store.

If you would like to contribute, please join us on GitHub! To join the conversation on Twitter, use the WindowsToolkit hashtag.

Happy coding!

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