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This file will download from Traktor PRO’s developer website. Not only does it let you manage your audio files, but you will be able to mix them and create audio sessions using your favorite songs. You can set the cuts, tracks, insert loops, change speed and rate, fade in or out and custom your session. The first time you run the program and look at it, you will think it’s difficult to use it, but once you use it once or twice, you will realize it is not so difficult, but it includes lots of features and options you can’t find in other similar programs. Creating professional sessions is not so difficult as you thought, now and thanks to Traktor DJ Studio you will create it easily.
traktor pro download

Traktor Pro (Traktor DJ Studio)

Download In the field of programs to mix music and deejay songs, there is a wide range of options available, although very few of these programs can be considered as the best.

The latter is one of the most successful programs in this sector, mainly because it’s backed by Native Instruments, a leading company in the design of hardware and software for music production. The first version of this program started a real revolution within DJ cabins all over the world, but it was the second version that confirmed this tool as a referential program and consolidated it as a star product for all deejays.

Possibly the best deejaying software on the market. It supports up to four tracks at the same time. Its interface has been remodeled to give a more intuitive touch to its functions, and the file explorer has also been improved for a better organization of your music library and all the songs you’ve got on iTunes.

Main features Up to 4 players or decks available at the same time to create unique mixes. Improved synchronization engine. It detects rhythms and BPM’s with great precisions and blocks the mix for an endless perfect synchronization.

Integrated equalizer with 4 bands per channel, one more band than those that are usually available. Independent high-band and low-band filters for each channel.

Adjustable crossfader curve. Four effect racks for each deck. Advanced and very precise function to work with loops.

Up to 8 assignable CUE points per song. Four new audio effects: Sample decks and loops that are perfectly synchronisable.

Create incredible effect chains to achieve unique results. Compatible with external controllers and mixers. New TruWave system with an optimized interface. Native Instruments has developed a new visualization system that uses the graphic information to differentiate the different elements of a song.

The TrueWave system provides colored waveforms with which you can differentiate drums, vocals or aggressive synthesizer leads, to name a few examples. Furthermore, you have several zoom levels to observe the contents of your songs with great precision, as well as the general song view, that allows us to view everything with a mere glance. Creative tools It also includes a series of functions focused on letting the user’s creativity run wild. For instance, its Sample Decks will allow you to launch up to four audio samples on each one of the decks, all perfectly synchronized with the tempo.

This opens a full range of possibilities to remix and edit music. Import any song to the dedicated slots and even, capture the audio from the software to introduce it into your session thanks to the new Loop Recorder. This tool is capable of instantly recording any audio source that you indicate. Register the loop and use it as another part of your set.

It’s even possible to use it as a fifth additional player. We also have to mention over 30 professional high-quality effects, four FX Units and a Macro FX with a single button that offers an unlimited sound palette, being very flexible when it comes to grouping and customizing effects. In turn, it also allows us to edit Stems, the multi-channel audio format made up by four musical elements and that allows us to edit them independently.

They can be loaded onto the program to create spontaneous mixes, acapella versions, instrumental versions, and whatever else you can think off, enriching or isolating any of the channels.

Requirements and additional information:

What if you could mix all your favourite songs?

I’m going to use this software for mixing my favourite deep house tracks so, that I can enjoy them together with my friends when we are at home am planning to use the software mainly for home mixing on parties so that i get to enjoy with my friends as they come to visit us and my family Mix music and create play lists for my own and friends amusement and to gain experience on using mixing equipment such as the Traktor Dj Studio 2. I’m using this program to DJ live parties and hope to make everyone dance. Please jus let me download this so I can get on with my life. Much thanks tracktor is a great software after virtualdj in sync as i will uses diz for my personal djing show n even will pratices on it n will spread music What similar programs have you used?

VIDEO: Download Traktor Pro® latest free version | Downloadcom

Le mixage peut se faire de manière efficace en utilisant des outils appropriés à l’ exemple de Traktor Pro. Il s’agit en fait d’un logiciel dédié au mixage. Download these exclusive, free Remix Sets for use with TRAKTOR PRO 2’s Remix Decks. Remix genuine material from renowned artists, or enhance your sets. DDJ, DDJ, DDJ-SX3, DDJ-SR2, DDJ-SB3, DDJ-XP1, XDJ-RX2, or XDJ-RR? Give us your feedback via the link below to receive free audio samples.

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