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Navicat For Postgres on Ubuntu Fri 18 April in database I ran across Navicat’s Postgres Administration tool the other day and just out of curiosity I decided to install it on Ubuntu the lite version. Uhho, there’s no linux version! Well as any linux fanatic would do I grabbed the Windows version and tried to install with Wine, and well,.. After clicking around a bit I don’t foresee myself switching from pgAdmin it actually looks a lot like pgAdmin III , but it does have a few pro’s and con’s.
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Ubuntu Navicat正版永久使用方法


Step one: Allowing access

September 15, admin Linux Distribution , Review , Tutorials , Ubuntu 1 Navicat Premium is an ultimate database tool for every database administrator. It has many features that will make DB admin life easier. There are many features in Navicat Premium full version to manage various database servers, backup schema, manage tables, users and many more. All features are packed in a nice and simple GUI interface.

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Navicat is a GUI tool for MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, SQLite, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server. Installing navicat on Ubuntu quite easy, just. Yes, there is indeed a file there. Unfortunately they’re basically just shipping a windows and wine setup, the start_navicat script. Install Navicat Monitor on Ubuntu LTS or Ubuntu LTS or Ubuntu wget -q -O –

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