How Secure Is the App Locker For Android?

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But only the lock screen is unlocked and most of the apps including the Gallery is locked using some app locking software like App Lock. But wait, what if the hack backfires? What if someone else hacks into your phone? Well, you can protect your phone from this hack as well.
uninstall applock android

How to uninstall AppLock

The question is, how reliable are these apps? Can you depend on them to protect your phone? How the App Locker works? After you have installed the app locker, you will be able to choose which apps you want to protect and the unlock mode password, pin or pattern. What the app does is to continuously monitor the running apps and see which one is freshly opened. If it fits the apps in the protect list, the app locker will intercept and show a challenge screen for you to unlock the app.

All your protection is reset immediately. Hold that thought! The next thing I will do is to go to the App Drawer, find the app locker and drag it to the Uninstall bin. All your app protection is gone, again. And if that is not possible, then I can go to the File Manager, System tools, or even Titanium Backup these apps are commonly found in most Android phone and make use of the Uninstall function to uninstall the app locker. The solution The solution is very easy.

The app locker is useful only if you are protecting the correct apps. While there are plenty of app locking apps in the Play Store, not all of them are made equal.

Some of them are way too simple to be of any use and still charge you for it. Run the app locker and start to add the essential apps to the protect list. Here is the list of apps that you should protect: As an additional security, you should also disable the ability to install app from unknown source. Enable it only when you need to, and disable it again once you are done. Conclusion The app locker is as secure as you allow it to be.

How to uninstall Norton App lock from Android Smartphone?

How to deactivate app lock android By default, Android keeps any app that you have used open and active so that you can quickly switch back to it at any time. Other apps that you rarely use. I installed in my other smartphone LG an applock, I put a pattern and to first disable device admin, but android settings app is also locked by. Hello Matthew, We can understand that you are inquiring on how to disable app lock feature of AVG antivirus for Android. We request you to. Smart AppLock is an AppLocker or App Protector that will lock and protect apps using a password or pattern and fingerprint.

VIDEO: Android settings locked with password (How to Uninstall App?)

If you’re on an un-rooted device without a custom version of Android the Setup the applock app after you download it by registering it with. For any other reasons, if you need to uninstall Norton App lock from your Android Smartphone then you needs to first disable Device Administrator for Norton. App Lock, free in the Android Market, allows you to set a lock code or his hands on your device, he could uninstall App Lock and access your.

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