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The program can be used to improve the capabilities of your physical sound card. The utility also lets your record all sounds played by your PC. You can use this tool to record your Skype audio calls, record voice from microphone, record your online chat sessions, Internet radio, game sound, and much more. Virtual Audio Streaming lets you manually control the recording duration time and offers you the possibility to record sound from various audio streams.
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It is designed to connect one or more audio applications in order to transfer audio streams between them. Practically, the input port records the audio signal and sends it to the destination program such as a sound processor or analyzer using the output port.

And here is the latest full edition of VAC. In Virtual Audio Cable, all-digital transfer operations performed. But the quality of the sound does not change. If more than one program sends audio through the output cable, the VAC can merge as well as mix audio streams or create separate virtual input cables, and thus more than one program can be used.

Get through your input cable. You can also Download: HWiNFO v5. Windows 5. Up to virtual cable devices some systems limit number of MME devices. Almost any of the fixed point PCM audio formats Floating point formats are not supported.

RTAudio support with notification events, clock as well as position registers. The unlimited number of Kernel Streaming clients connected to each port.

Signal mixing with saturation between output port clients. PCM format conversion sampling rate, bits per sample, number of channels. Volume control features both attenuation and boost. Watermark control technique to improve flow stability with unstable applications. Stream buffering technique to partially compensate bad application buffering algorithms. Control Panel application to configure the cables as well as watch their state.

Audio Repeater application that transfers from any recording to any playback device.

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Download Many of the applications that you usually use to communicate on the Internet can’t be used to be able to send live audio. Virtual Audio Streaming is an application that will install a virtual sound card on your system, thanks to which you’ll have the possibility to simulate a micro input line by means of which you’ll be able to send anything that is being played on your PC. The application is capable of burning any sound that is being played on your PC, that can be very practical to be able to burn audio songs that are protected with DRM, Skype conversations or the audio from a film. Despite having a rather simple interface, the program requires some knowledge with regard to the configuration of sound components, because it’s necessary to select the proper input and output lines for the application to work. Discover how to make the most of your PC’s sound card, by installing Virtual Audio Streaming as soon as possible.

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On this web page you will discover every thing and anything to do with Virtual Audio Streaming reviews. Where to buy Virtual Audio Streaming online cheap, and. Virtual Audio Streaming Pro – Virtual Audio Streaming lets you Broadcast/Record/ Connect all kinds of sounds, no matter whether the sound is. 8/10 (11 votes) – Download Virtual Audio Streaming Free. Virtual Audio Streaming is a program by means of which you can simulate a sound card on your hard.

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