Xamarin is now included for free in Visual Studio

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Learn how to implement UDP hole punching so you can make your clients life a lot easier by not forcing them to open ports on their end. This is the case for every edition of Visual Studio, including Visual Studio Community Edition, which is free as well. For developers that are using Mac, Xamarin Studio is now available as a benefit of your Visual Studio Professional or Enterprise subscription.
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How to Run C++ file in Mac 10.10.5

At its Connect ; conference last November, Microsoft announced a preview of Visual Studio for Mac, saying it was “evolving the mobile-centric Xamarin Studio IDE into a true mobile-first, cloud-first development tool for.

And, showing just how much Microsoft is listening to its developer community, de Icaza and another exec chimed in with clarifying comments. One typical reader comment on Hacker News said: Even the tagline is deceptive: Microsoft de Icaza also chimed in: I’m sorry — I tried last time and that was the impression I got. I know it says it has asp. Kishna said: We’re also announcing some preview features coming very soon, including Docker and Azure Functions support, as well as targeting IoT devices like Android Things.

NET Core service apps. You can create new projects, debug them and bonus points – deploy directly to Azure. Or have Microsoft added secret sauce to the mix? Microsoft de Icaza replied to that reader: It is based on the MonoDevelop core with many new extensions to support new workloads. Visual Studio for Mac is built as a series of components on top of the open source MonoDevelop. When we touch the core, it goes open source, and some of the extensions like Android and iOS development are closed source.

The question read: There is no actual need for that, but since they’re refactoring Xamarin We need your votes, your voices to make the case that we should release all this goodness on Linux. Little known fact: So it already works there. At this point it is a matter of hearing your voices.

Speak up often: Over at Reddit , there wasn’t as active of a discussion — and neither Kishna nor de Icaza made an appearance — but some of the same concerns were voiced. One comment said: This is not the proper Visual Studio.

It’s totally different software with the same name. One reader said: Seriously, support as many project types as you possibly can, not just. Net Core. Net would be pretty great. More on Build news can be found on our sister site, Visual Studio Magazine.

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