The Best Lake Float You Will Ever Find is the WavePad!

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wavepad float

Water mat/wave pad

Rate it! Thank you for rating! I loved it! Thanks for a great program! Like, remove parts I don’t want, and to move parts around. This is perfect and easy to use. Just Luv It!!! I can easily edit musics, it’s user friendly. This software is very good for editing youtube files. NCH offers the most user-friendly interface I have ever. Disability matters: NCH offers the most user-friendly interface I have ever encountered! There are a host of solid reliable sound processing software options available on the market today: Video Pad — provide exactly what all those others do.

It is a formidable equal to all of those other better-known brands. The success of Mix Pad and its integrated companion Wave Pad lie in its visual simplicity, overall logical layout and menus that are easily understood.

If you are not an accomplished producer: Very rarely have I found the desire to wander from what I find to be perfection. Import, cut, paste and drag, with the simplicity of fade points is another major success of these products: The power and ease of the mouse across the interface could not have been made easier for me.

I almost feel as if the company designed these products specifically with me and my difficulties in mind. Dyslexia is brain damage, it cannot be cured, and my poor short-term-memory holds the biggest obstacle to software usage. NCH has made huge strides in offering the perfect user-friendly product that stands out as the market leader in SLD provision. I would never switch to a different brand: I would have but one recommendation for the team at NCH.

The latest version of Mix Pad has adopted a darker colour scheme — and in this latest version, I find it very hard to distinguish, when for example; the track solo button is depressed or not.

Congratulations to you all at NCH — keep up the good work! Odd Jonathan. He is a post-graduate in Special Educational Need teaching and qualified music technologist. He has no connection with the above company and has not been paid for this review. More reviewed onOctober 24, by Anonymous dont like. It seems good but they won’t let you do more than 10 uses before it totally blocks you from using it demanding a purchase of “Master Edition” for 70 bucks!

I didn’t even get to try all the features to see if it was worth it before it locked me out. Too expensive for us poor people on Social Security! It worked well and easy with a lot of steps to learn! Without knowing more about it I can’t recommend it.

Don’t know couldn’t use all the features before lock out. I wouldn’t task orient the lock out to purchase. I would put a time limit on it to let someone explore it more in-depth. Very expensive for lower income people. Less Expensive doesn’t have needed features for basic editing.

More reviewed onMarch 25, by Anonymous I can’t use any features in unlicensed use. I don’t like it. I can’t use any features in unlicensed non commercial use. I don’t like this app. In non commercial use I can’t use any features in this app. Please make app better in new update reviewed onJune 1, by Anonymous Not Free tool.

I had worked for hours and finally the save option is gone. Wasted my efforts. Creators, be clear to tell the complete information. Very good and fast. Did exactly what I wanted. I needed something to edit a voice recording. Found this. Download was quick and it did what I expected. Use of use reviewed onNovember 16, by Anonymous Very impressive; super friendly interface, transforms music instantly.. This program is FAST. It loads files quickly even large ones and instantly transforms them with the super-user-friendly interface.

It did exactly what I wanted it to do and even made the sound quality louder a feature that I have never seen before by doubling the volume on it! I’m VERY impressed. Most likely worth buying but I haven’t gone that far into the program yet. Would highly recommend.

This was fast and I got my song done in less than 5 minutes. Fast, did exacly what I wanted. It acted like it saved the edited copy, but it didn’t. When I went to leave the program and came back in, my saved edit was gone.

Wavepad has one of the nicest looking interfaces i’ve seen in an audio editing program. It has a well-implemented ‘Ribbon’ style interface, easy-to-understand controls, and a Tabbed interface that also uses floating windows. However despite the excellent interface design it possesses a few shortcomings that quickly can make it aggravating for certain tasks. The first shortcoming is that it is essentially a single-tasking audio program.

If you attempt to do anything while it is recording audio, the recording will immediately stop; this includes trying to do things like delete parts of the live recording, clicking on the window of another audio file, or accessing any menu at all. For my purpose recording live audio speeches and seperating these into files this is a terrible drawback; maybe even a deal-breaker.

Now the next shortcoming is that WavePad freezes occassionally, becoming unresponsive. One would think that if Wavepad possess automatic backup then this is no big deal, however forcing wavepad to quit and restoring the backup will not always restore any unsaved audio; this means for my purposes that valuable historical audio can be lost since live speeches can not simply be re-recorded.

If you are not into recording live speeches I would recommend Wavepad with much gusto, however its quirks make it a sometimes unreliable program where mission-critical reliability is needed.

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Leave a comment WavePad is a free downloadable audio editor that lets you modify audio recordings. Personally, I used this program primarily to create remixes for audio files, but it also serves many other functions such as amplifying your voice on recordings, getting rid of background noise, adding sound to slideshows, and many other audio editing activities. This program works as a. MP3 or. WAV editor, but it also supports many other audio formats. Within minutes you will be able to record or open a file to edit it.

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Beer Pong>Wave Pad. Wave Pad View larger. Previous. Wave Pad. Next. Display all pictures. Wave Pad. Reference: WAVEPAD Pool Float Pegasus. 49, 00 €. WavePads L.L.C.™-The Best Floating Foam Water Rafts. WavePad Rollers are powder coated (Will fit any size or brand raft) *Patent Pending* Order yours. WavePad is the most durable floating water raft on the market. WavePads have a special protective skin layer, which sets them apart from the competition.

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