Windows 10 Pro Full x86-x64 Free Download ISO [Updated Version]

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If you open the same page using another device like Android, macOS, etc. We can trick Microsoft into thinking that we are not using Windows. This can be done if we are using Google Chrome or Firefox or even Safari. We will only discuss how to do this in Chrome and Firefox only.
windows 10 pro iso free download

Download Latest Windows 10 ISO In All Languages

Besides the upgrade method, Windows 10 ISO allows you to perform a Windows 10 clean installation from scratch. It has some advantages against the upgrade, like the fact that we can install it at any given time in any compatible PC that has at least the minimum requirements, that it will keep us from having software incompatibilities or manufacturers bloatware.

How do I download and prepare the ISO for Windows 10 Microsoft has eased the download and preparation by directly offering an app that will prepare the removable device for the Windows 10 ISO installation: You need a product key to activate Windows Contact me by skype itful live.

We opted for the first option. Even though it is slower than a 3. Be calm. An alternative on the previous screen is to download the Windows 10 ISO file to the hard drive and then burn it with our favorite tool. We will publish a post about it and about the other upgrade.

Remember to perform security backups at least your files. The latest Version of Windows Windows 10 Anniversary Update: How much has Windows improved in a year? A year is not a lot of time, but in the software world its almost an entire era. We have been testing the build exhaustively and trying to appreciate how much better the system works when we upgraded to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

In august , when I wrote the review of Windows 10 I had very few bad things to say, from the start it seemed to me a robust OS and way better than all the previous versions of Windows that Microsoft has created. Windows 10 version takes a lot longer to download and to install than version Anniversary Update.

To install it all you have to do is check for updates in the configuration panel and choose when you want to restart. With Windows Ink you can take notes or make drawings and then paste them onto smart notes that function as reminders. Sure they are interesting and innovative features but few people end up using them on a regular basis. Cortana was also upgraded, now you can access it from the lock screen and she can do things like answer questions, play music or create reminders without you having to unlock the device.

If you are one of those people that use voice assistants, this is good news for you. The truly useful stuff To finish our review, we will mention the best features. The improvements that you notice when you use a computer running Windows 10, are the ones that matter to you, and this anniversary update has a few that have caught my attention: The new Skype: Also it looks much better.

The new Action Center: The new Action Center handles notifications much better, the icon has been moved completely to the right and it now shows us a badge with the amount of pending notifications. When we open the menu we see the notifications grouped by application, we can discard them individually or all of them at once. It simply looks and works better, the application icon even flashes every time you get a new notification. The new Windows Settings Menu: The way menus are now organized is a lot more intuitive and explicit.

The new Windows Defender: The new Microsoft Edge: Finally we can use extensions in the Windows 10 browser.

Extensions can be installed directly form the Windows Store and the process is very simple. Except for Pocket and Reddit Enhancement Suite, the rest of the available extensions are horrible. The new Start Menu: It also looks better. The new Windows Store: What used to be two stores is now one.

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And here this post we have links to download official Windows 10 ISO bit and bit, directly from Microsoft server. If you are in a hurry here Windows 10 version direct download links for you. Windows 10 32 bit Note: We will update these links whenever there is a new version of Windows 10 ISO bit or bit available to download from Microsoft.

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This is the first retail version of Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Build Windows 10 Pro ISO free download full version for both 32 bit and 64 bit. You can Download Original Windows 10 Pro ISO (DVD) from their Official Microsoft Link with the Windows 8 product key. Buy Microsoft Windows 10 Pro | Download: Read Software Reviews – Windows Hello is the password-free sign-in that gives you the fastest, most secure way .. You have the choice to download an iso for DVD or for USB. Windows 10 Pro Full xx64 Free Download for PC Latest version for windows ISO. Download complete setup of Windows 10 Pro Full.

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