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Or Windows 7 product key for any other Version? We are working on technology and provide the Windows solutions of your questions. In our recent article, we offer you the Windows 8. Similarly, we further considered this point and thinking of providing the Windows 7 home premium product key of , and so on. Congratulations, you are on the perfect platform and reading a fantastic article.
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Free Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key for You

Activating Windows 7 is not an easy part to do. Sometimes most of the product keys will end up in not working condition. Read the steps carefully before using this method on your Windows 7 PC. First, you need to go to the c drive and then go to the windows folder where you have installed Windows 7.

Now you need to find the System32 folder and double-click to open it. This file stores all the Windows 7 keys, so we need to delete it. Now right click on the file and select properties.

Now the properties window will open up. Select the security tab from the window and select users. Click on the advanced button. When clicking on the owner tab and select any user as the owner. Now click on the apply button and close all other windows and go back to the System32 folder with SLUI file. Now right click on the file and open properties again. Once the next window opens up I need the permission for the current user. And I click on the username and check the box next to the full control option to give and allow all these permissions.

Click on the okay button and close all the windows and go back to the System32 folder. Click on the SLUI file and delete it using the delete option by the mouse or you can press the delete button on your keyboard. After the about following steps are completed, you need to activate the windows. Run command prompt as system administrator by typing CMD in the windows search option. In the command prompt type this following command slmgr — rearm Now please enter on your keyboard.

Now you will be asked to restart your PC, follow the following command and restart your PC. After your computer reboots open the command prompt again. Now type the following command in command prompt slmgr -ato Press enter key on your keyboard.

This is the most accurate and easy method to activate your Windows 7 without any Windows key. You need to follow this about steps thoroughly to successfully activate your Windows 7. You can either use this guy to activator windows or you can try using the above-provided product keys.

Final Words We have researched on the internet and provided you with this useful guide to activate Windows 7 without any product key. We have even provided the product key according to the Windows 7 versions to distinguish the product key successfully. Check the architecture of your Windows operating system before using any product keys, as product keys are different according to the architecture of the Windows 7 Operating system. Share this article, so that is the Windows 7 user can get this useful information about activating the Windows 7.

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Windows OS is by and large the most trusted operating system for personal computers, office desktops all over the world. While some may be using Windows 7 as their currently installed version of Windows OS because of its stability over Windows 8 and Windows 10 on older hardware, others may prefer to install Windows 7 of its closest resemblance and technical superiority over Windows XP- the most successful Microsoft product. Windows 7 product key for installation and activation of any one of the compatible OS can be easily found in this post. All the keys are verified and secure to use.

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