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Windows OS is by and large the most trusted operating system for personal computers, office desktops all over the world. While some may be using Windows 7 as their currently installed version of Windows OS because of its stability over Windows 8 and Windows 10 on older hardware, others may prefer to install Windows 7 of its closest resemblance and technical superiority over Windows XP- the most successful Microsoft product. Windows 7 product key for installation and activation of any one of the compatible OS can be easily found in this post. All the keys are verified and secure to use.
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Windows 7 Home Premium Product key 2019 (100% Working)

If you have lost your Windows 7 product key then you can follow these methods to find it- 1- Look for it in the Sticker provided on your PC If you have purchased your laptop or PC with pre-installed windows 7 then you can get your license key in the sticker of your device.

So check for it whether it is mentioned there or not. In case you own a laptop you can check on the backside of the laptop for the sticker. If there is any kind of cavity exists in the laptop with lid, you might get your sticker there. Even the sticker could be available on the charger of the laptop. If you are still unable to find it, you should check the battery compartment provided in the laptop.

Some laptops which come with the removable battery may have the sticker inside the battery compartment. You can find the sticker for the windows product key either on the lid of the battery compartment or under the battery. If the sticker on the laptop or PC is not readable for some reasons, then you cannot do anything. All you can do is to try asking your computer manufacturer for it.

But it is not guaranteed that you will get any positive response. As mentioned earlier, at the time of installation of windows program, the activation keys get saved into the registry of your PC. Thus, you have an option to recover your serial key from the registry of your computer. Although, it is difficult to view it directly still you can recover the key from registry.

We will here guide you on how you can find it in the registry of your Computer. Here are the steps that you need to follow to get your windows 7 serial key from the registry- Image source: First, you would need to move your cursor to the start button of your PC and click on it. Once the menu gets opened in your device you would need to go to the run option by scrolling down. You can also type run in the search bar and once you get it in results click on it to open. After typing, click on OK.

It will open the registry editor of your PC. Once you reach the user data folder, you would need to find the activation key. Once you get the ProductID key, right click on it. Now in the opened menu, click on the modify option.

A number would get displayed on your screen. Note it down. This number is your Windows 7 activation key, which you can use for reinstalling your windows 7 program and activate it. For this, you would be required to follow these steps- Go to the Start button with windows icon on your screen of PC and click on it.

Once you get it click on it. Click on it to open Run window. Now, you will get the command prompt window opened on your screen. Click on the enter button. It will show you the product key on your screen using this command. Note it down and keep it safely so that you can use it to activate your windows 7 program. Nirsoft is known to be one of the best product key generators amongst all of its competitors.

This software always provides crapware free services which are useful for all. Here are the steps which will allow you to recover your license key from windows 7 using Nirsoft- To start, you would need to first download the Nirsoft ProduKey software in your PC. The software will get downloaded in your device in zipped format.

You would need 7Zip or any other software to unzip the software pack. Unzip it and double click to open it. Now the installation window will appear with some instructions. Follow the instructions and give the path where you want to download your ProduKey software. Click on install to complete the installation of the software.

In case you are not able to start your computer, you would still be able to recover your Windows 7 serial key using this software. Steps for this are- For this, you would need to connect any other PC which is working correctly to an external hard drive. Run ProduKey. Now, go to the File menu and choose the source to point to the external windows directory. You would be now able to get the product key of your PC which was unable to start. Linus CD can also be used here to pull data from your dead PC.

It is difficult to read the registry file, so to read it VBScript would help you. Here are the steps to create this script- The first thing to do is to open Notepad in your PC.

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Please note that keys found on the internet rarely work efficiently or at all. Many users have tried and tested the free key available on the internet. It showed obvious results and failed to activate the Windows operating system. Reality is, websites do not update their databases. This results in the keys to have already been used and new users cannot use it to activate theirs.

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