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Supports over image formats Exports images to over 70 different formats Provides an image browser that looks similar to your operating system’s file explorer tool XnSoft XnViewMP is a free, versatile application that can open, edit, and convert over different image file formats. The program is free for private or educational users but requires a license for commercial use. XnViewMP supports many standard image formats as well as many proprietary and obscure formats. In addition to images, it also supports a limited number of multimedia formats, including Windows Media. The software provides an intuitive, Windows Explorer-like browsing interface and integrates with the operating system’s context menu, making it easy to open and view files.

XnSoft XnView: CVE-2019-9969: Denial of service via a crafted file, related to xnview+0x385399


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Features[ edit ] XnView is customisable and multi-lingual. XnView can read more than image file formats, some audio and video file formats , and write 50 image file formats. Classic XnView can read image formats resulting in more than 32 bits per pixel , but write support is limited to 32 bits. It also supports file comments 4DOS descript. XnView can search files that have the same filename or data, and can search for similar graphics as well. The display of the histogram of a picture is possible.

VIDEO: XnViewMP · Multi-Platform Photo Viewer, Image Resizer and Batch Converter

Reviews of XnSoft software programs. XnSoft. XNSOFT. XnViewMP · © | Privacy Policy | About | Contact. XnSoft. 1 apps. Apps. XnViewMP. XnViewMP is a fast and efficient image viewer. With it, you can view your entire gallery and use any of the many options and. About the third-party image browser in our PC, a lot of us may know the ACDSee, although it is really very strong, unfortunately, it not only costs.

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