OBS vs. XSplit Broadcaster: Which Is the Better Game-Streaming App

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Webcam Recorder More About XSplit Broadcaster XSplit Broadcaster is amongst the highest quality software programs for live streaming online, especially for gamers looking to live stream their gameplay. XSplit Broadcaster allows you to easily edit your live stream with several important multimedia features, including the ability to add pictures or videos to your live stream and the ability to display or hide your webcam.

It also offers a green screen effect and the ability to customize the content that you add into your live stream. XSplit also offers the ability to sit down and edit the content of your stream before making your stream public. Their software opens up game streaming to any gamer who has a computer and wants to make their gameplay public.

XSplit Broadcaster allows you to make multimedia additions to your streams before you make them public. Additions can range from Skype calls with gaming partners to pictures or standalone videos. XSplit Broadcaster allows you to communicate with your fans through your comment section, making the streaming experience a two way communicative experience as opposed to a one way viewing experience. Cons of XSplit Broadcaster If you play around with adding to many multimedia attachments to your streams, you can take away from the content of the stream itself and viewers may only focus on the additions that you made to it.

There is no guarantee that your stream will have any views in the first place, so there is no guarantee that you will have a full two way communicative experience when streaming.

There are some platforms that you do not have the ability to easily upload your stream to, which can make the whole process somewhat of a hassle if you have a favorite platform that is not supported. Features of XSplit Broadcaster XSplit Broadcaster allows you to make streams of video that can be uploaded to a variety of platforms and shared with the general public online.

You can make a variety of multimedia additions to your streams before you upload them, including pictures and videos as well as video calls. XSplit Broadcaster includes the ability to chat with the viewers of your stream, making the experience more two way and communicative as opposed to simply one way, which is less interactive on the whole.

XSplit Broadcaster is one of the most helpful streaming programs available and is a necessity in the online gaming community.

Streaming video games has nearly become an industry on its own, but in order to participate, you have to have good streaming software that can produce a clean video the way that you want it.

Very few programs do this as well on their own as XSplit Broadcaster. XSplit Broadcaster gives you full control over the video that you want to stream. Before you make your stream public, you can choose to throw in a wide variety of multimedia additions to it.

You can include video calls made to others during the stream, allowing for greater collaboration in streaming. You can also choose to add pictures or videos, which can add to the overall quality of your stream and make the stream more enjoyable for your viewers.

XSplit Broadcaster is one of the best streaming services available. Feel free to submit your own opinion on XSplit Broadcaster!


In this article we will try to determine the better game-streaming app based on a host of selection criteria. World Domination. However, the interface did not feel very smooth, and there were a few annoying instances of frozen screens. That being said, everything stabilized within ten seconds after a restart. OBS was designed keeping in mind the extra functionalities that needed to be supported for a community-driven open-source project. As a result, the overall interface can feel slightly spartan.

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With reviews, features, pros & cons of XSplit Broadcaster. Find your Try our game recording and streaming software for free! Show Details 6. XSplit Gamecaster, free and safe download. XSplit Gamecaster latest version: Great streaming software for today’s streamers. Live media View full description. With XSplit Broadcaster, choosing the game is more automatic. Even within the free version there were no delays or frozen screens. XSplit feels.

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