A billing address error occurs when making a purchase on your Xbox console

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You have moved to a different country. Your Xbox profile information Your gamertag, unlocked achievements, and the rest of your Xbox profile info moves with you. The money in your Microsoft account The funds in your Microsoft account will not move with you.
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Manage Microsoft Account data with Microsoft’s Personal Data Dashboard

While it works smoothly most of the times, there may be times that you face problems with Microsoft payments or the billing system. We can always contact the support for payment related issues -but it would be much better to save our time if we can resolve the issue ourselves.

In this post, we list some of the things you need to take a look at if Microsoft Account payments are not working for you. Microsoft Account payment issues and problems To start with, let us make sure we have a Microsoft account. However, to add payment modes and manage them, we need a valid account. Add a new payment method The payment options can be added and modified from the Payments page here.

It prompts for adding a valid payment option while making a purchase as well. Manage money in your Microsoft account Buying with the money in your account: If you have money in your account, follow the usual steps for purchasing, except when they prompt for the payment method, chose Microsoft account.

Adding money to your account: To add money to your Microsoft account, you could buy a gift card of that account from the gift card page here.

Enter your details and go to the redeem page here. Once you redeem your gift card, the amount will be credited to your Microsoft account balance. Pay for a past due subscription: If you wish to pay for your past-due subscriptions directly not using the gift card , then log on to the services and subscriptions page here.

Find your subscription, click Pay now and make the payment with your card or PayPal. Managing expired cards Update them on the Payments page here. Check the status of orders The order history along with the status of the orders is listed here. Usual errors and their resolutions Incorrectly formatted cardholder name: Adding a period after your middle name.

Modify the same on the Payments page. Invalid card number: Verify the card number and make sure there are no spaces or dashes in between the numbers. Invalid ZIP code: The ZIP code should match with your state and address. If not, it would conflict. Unable to buy an app on Microsoft store Some apps are region specific, and users can buy them only if their address falls within the permitted region.

Moreover sometimes, simply changing the Internet connection has also known to have helped. If none of these helps, you may contact Microsoft support here.

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Change the name and address associated with your Microsoft account Inhoud van Microsoft Van toepassing: Sign in to your Microsoft account. If you see a screen asking you which account you want to use, it means you have two Microsoft accounts associated with the same email address. Get more info about how to Change the email address or phone number for your Microsoft account. Select Your info. Select Edit name, make your preferred changes, and then select Save.

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We use Microsoft Account to make payments for several services Invalid ZIP code: The ZIP code should match with your state and address. The error reads Enter a valid postal code before continuing. Login to your Microsoft account (Associated with the Xbox Live accounts). Instead of using the composite address, I added a separate field on the Account form for Address 1:Zip/Postal Code. Configured OnChange.

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