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Straight from LAB: Product details Z-Plane Morphing Filter can change the way you edit filters on the fly for superb transitions, just like the pros Z-Plane is a unit that can mix and morph your sounds by via dedicated filtering controls. Full audible frequency range 20Hz to 22kHz Q:
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Update: zplane Elastique Pitch 2.0.7 Maintenance Update is Available

Singers who have the ability, time and dedication to record harmony parts are rare. The pitch detection engine is very powerful, able to detect a pitch in speech or even in growled death metal vocals. Changing some of the automatically detected chords is the quick and easy way to fix this.

The harmonization can also be used for horn sections, or for generating some layers or chords for a synth lead. The harmony engine does a really good job of generating various common types of harmony, and you can just use it without understanding much theory — it does the understanding for you.

If you have done harmonization exercises in music theory classes, though, you will recognize the rules that Vielklang is following, and it would probably get pretty good grades on those exercises for following the rules well.

If you need to arrange a serious four-part chorale, you can use the generated harmony as a starting point, then move some of the notes around to create more motion and interest. Each voice has several global controls: The formant shift is quite useful for making harmony that sounds like several different singers, rather than multiple overdubs of the same singer.

With high harmonies, moving the formants down a bit makes the vocals sound more strained and moving them up make the voice clearer and sweeter.

Two voices in unison with slightly different shape, timing and drift settings on each can make a very organic chorus effect, too. Advanced editing allows editing the volume and pitch of the start, middle and end of each note separately very practical for fading out harmony parts that you want to end in the middle of a phrase and also generating vibrato.

The first surprise is that even though it processes existing audio, it is a plugin instrument, not an effect. It has its own file import and export buttons, and playback can either be synchronized with the DAW or controlled independently. This actually works very well when working on real tracks, though. DAWs in general are more optimized for working with instruments than vocals, and Vielklang does a really good job of providing vocal editing capability that DAWs lack while integrating well with them.

It makes it much easier to see what the harmony is doing than the regular piano roll. The resizable GUI is nice, too, for taking full advantage of modern high-resolution screens. Having different types of harmony during different sections of the track works very well. Hybrid view in Zplane Vielklang 2. Chopped vocals are also possible but not too convenient I guess Vielklang was developed before they became trendy though with the power of the advanced editing features it can be worth importing multiple copies of the source vocal and really going at them with the advanced editing.

Still, for chopped vocals there are probably more convenient plugins to use. CPU usage is very low. Each voice can be exported to a different file or sent to a different output channel though not in the LE version , which is also great, because you can put different effects on the different voices and give the lead vocal more presence while making the harmony parts into a mellower background and possibly also multiplying them with chorus effects etc.

Once I eased off on the tuning and also made the timing a bit more laid back, she was completely happy too. So, as long as you use reasonable settings such as making your female singers sound convincingly masculine — they might not like that , even fairly picky singers should be happy with the results. The Verdict For any producer who knows a few singers, Vielklang Instant Harmony 2 is a very powerful plugin with many uses.

Its most useful ability is that of generating vocal harmonies, but it can also be used to harmonize instrument parts and works as a great vocal editor. More info:

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Top-quality pitch-shifting and countless creative options make this a winner. Pros Smooth and natural pitch-shifting. Easy to use. Real-time control. Cons Very little. Having gained the trust of some of the industry’s most demanding developers, the company went on to incorporate the same technology into this lean pitch- and formant-shifting plugin, now at v2.

VIDEO: zplane — Elastique Pitch

Elastique Pitch is the real time pitch shifting solution for RTAS, VST, AU and AAX. Powered by zplane’s élastiquePro pitch shifting engine, the. If you have Max (or Max for Live) — this guy has written a patch he calls ” Free_Elastic”, it may work as an alternative to the zplane plugin. Top. Vielklang Instant Harmony 2 is a very powerful VST/AU/AAX/RTAS Zplane Vielklang Instant Harmony 2 ($ for the full version, $99 for LE).

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